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  1. make sure your feather is at zero, tahts what happened to me, it showed as 3 pixels BUT the slider was at max
  2. Mouse mode = no idea. Why would this matter, why did Serif need to change that if it was fine in ALL prior versions? I have no custom mapping area.
  3. same here, trying to use Wacom was total chaos, had to uninstall and reinstall 1.8.3 I have Win 8.1 , my wacom works excellent in all other programs and in 1.8.3 there is no reason I or anyone should have to accommodate 1 program that doesn't consider legacy versions of drivers and only assumes everyone wants to " push forward " with all changes. Don't fix it if it ain't broke.
  4. After the new update (which had nothing to do with the Windows OS) nothing was working right, lag, weak and sometimes complete fail of response from my wacom tablet. Couldn't even lasso anything without it darting all over the screen like a drunk spider. I love your program, I quit Adobe because of the quality of your software. That aside, I uninstalled and re-installed the previous version 1.8.3 and everything is fine again, not sure whats incompatible, but its a doosie Win 8.1/i7/nvidia
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