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  1. HELP!! I must definitely be doing something wrong. I can't save a gradient following the steps above. I'm using Affinity Designer 1.8.4 1. make sure I'm in the move tool 2. make sure my fill layer is over my stroke layer with the gradient selected 3. make sure my object and layer with the gradient are selected 4. hit the add gradient and Nothing happened. if you see the image you will notice that I have other gradients. don't know what happened since the last time I saved one, besides the last update!
  2. Yes, I copy the textbook. if I copy the text inside the textbook is worst...
  3. in conclusion it is not posible to merge multiple textboxes?
  4. Imagine I have a text box in PowerPoint that has 3 paragraphs, and each paragraph has between 5 to 8 lines. when I copy the textbook to A Pub the text is divided in 15 to 20 different textboxes, one for each line. that is the problem!
  5. Hello Walt, Thanks for que fast answer. I import text from different sources since I am consolidating all in Affinity. I have a lot information that was given to me in PowerPoint and I'm copy/pasting it, and it divides the textboxes into single lines the same happened with PDF.
  6. still no answer to this question. I imagine it is not possible to do then. a pain in the A** having to merge hundreds of individual lines after importing text. I really need help to solve this.
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