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  1. Please update me if this will be available in Designer. If it won't ever be available in Designer, is it available in Publisher?
  2. Same problem here. I am able to work around it by losing the PDF export function of Designer and instead using the pdf print option built into OSX via the print dialogue. However, that loses all the functionality options built into Affinity Designer, such as being able to specify the type of PDF I want to make. Funnily enough, enabling 'Simulate Overprinting' in the Adobe Acrobat DC print preview dialogue doesn't help me to see the problem. I literally have to physically print it to see if it's going to be a problem. Not good. I hope my workaround helps. Clearwood, for the colour profile tweak, what exactly did you do? In my printer options for my Brother printer the the options are slightly different. edit: Another way is to use FLATTEN PDF
  3. Yes. I don't want to bother with all that. I have my reasons. There's more I've discovered. There doesn't seem to be any alternative software out there so I've got to adapt AFAIK. 1) No rulers. Have to make an object and delete it again. Weird. 2) When you copy and paste 'new from document' the vectors are resized and the default units are reset rather than inherited. 3) Also I found that a transparency layer is converted to black using export but isn't using the OSX print dialogue Sorry if I'm a bit short tempered but uncomfortable is price of feedback. It's just frustrating that there isn't anything out there to get the work done when you're losing money. I heard AI is a super weird and annoying program. Maybe some of this is inherited from that. The designers and printers that ask me for .AI files after I send them a PDF spec, SVG and EPS are similarly annoying. So far these and related issues might have cost me around $500 in delayed business. Business is delayed anyway due to COVID-19 but anyway... it's annoying.
  4. I've been borrowing a friends computer to try out Affinity Designer as I heard good things about it. I started to think that having my own software could be a worthwhile investment. Then after just a week of working with it I find this. I"ve decided not to buy.
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