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  1. Printer is Canon MG5250 (is not the newest one) Driver version Mac:
  2. That is exactly what happens. Black at 192 and transparent at 300dpi. Update of the printer driver is not possible, because the Mac installs and updates it automatically. But I will try it on an other printer.
  3. Here comes the pdf export properties (German). eBook is for me a possibility to create my book as a PDF to deliver it digitally and people can print some pages out if they want. Uncompressed is if I leave the picture resolution on 300dpi.
  4. Here come the export and print properties. I've tested the printout and it was again black for the transparent areas. Also attached are the test pdf and afpub. Drawtut eBook test.pdf Drawtut eBook für test.afpub
  5. I have created an extensive document with many PNGs with transparency. I want to provide and compress them as PDF eBook. However, with normal printing of the compressed PDFs, the images are printed with a black background. This does not happen when printing uncompressed PDFs. Here the printout and the file:
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