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  1. I'd love to see this implemented! Maybe not as the default, but definitely as an option. Playing with handles in hopes that my rounded corners look decently natural and smooth is incredibly tiring 😣
  2. I've been meaning to play around with HDRI creation, but there aren't that many HDR Imaging tools for macOS. Naturally, I resort to Affinity Photo for my HDRI needs. Then, I discovered that there are no mirror ball unwrapping tool in AP, though there are the equirectangular and perspective live projection modes. Thus, I would like to request for a mirror ball unwrapping tool to be developed because mirror balls are cool, but there's no way to use them in AP. Lennox ❤️
  3. There is no update yet, but there is the new "Live Liquify" tool in the Affinity Photo beta. It will output raster (as it is a raster filter), but you will still retain that non-destructive aspect. It's the best workaround I can think of other than just editing the shape itself using the node tool (which is quite tedious, trust me).
  4. Basic vector warping is still missing? Oh damn. I mean, Photo can warp just fine, but I want to keep working within the same program and also preserve geometry. I really hope this feature appears sometime soon! It's been 5 years since this thread's been open. And it's still open, so I still have some hope.
  5. woaaah that is weird. Very uncanny valley.
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