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  1. Just tried that and now Affinity doesn't crash the moment I try to start it. Haven't done anything demanding yet but looking like a good work-around. I had just updated Gimp to use that so this gives me back the Affinity option. I still need Gimp for animated Gifs, etc., of course. Thanks.
  2. Yep ... 6.5.0 I am getting through by stopping Afterburner when I need to use Affinity and trying to remember to start it again before I render something. Not ideal but at least it is winter here in New Zealand so the GPU doesn't get too hot. Still, I'd like to be able to set it and forget it.
  3. Is there any update on this? I need Riva Tuner for Afterburner which controls my GPU fans as I do a lot of rendering. AP crashes immediately when I try to start it - totally useless to me.
  4. A long time ago I used to buy the whole Serif suite only to stop buying when it became obvious that regular and unpredictable crashes were common. I have been using the Mac version of Affinity Photo quite happily until the latest update which is now crashing with that same regularity of old. I also bought the Windows version which is also crashing. And there I was recommending the software to all and sundry on a digital art forum. Sorry, but I'm going back to Gimp until the crashing is sorted. I can't reproduce the crash for support because I can't predict when it will happen. Today I edited a PNG and saved it. I couldn't open the PNG again - it was corrupt. So I tried to open another image from the File>Open menu and Affinity crashed. It did the same two days ago when I tried it with another photo. That time I thought it might be because I was trying to open and save to a network connected drive. But today, I made sure I copied the files to a local drive on my Mac. All I can say is that the crashing seems to be associated with file saves and opens.
  5. Hi. I already have the Mac version but I also have a Windows PC. Both machines are currently being shipped from the UK to my new home in New Zealand but will not arrive before the introductory offer expires. I understand that I will have to buy a new copy for Windows but can I buy now and download in January when my PC arrives here in NZ? Also, my Paypal account is still operating from the UK yet the purchase page recognises my location in NZ. Is that a problem for the purchase process?
  6. Thanks - I'll give that a try :) Yep - it works. Thank you.
  7. Is there any way of importing a folder of .abr brushes or is this a one-at-a-time process?
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