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  1. Further to that, I then tried to move the "Stock" tab (or any other tab) after the panel had become undocked but I found it impossible to move the tabs at all, even after clicking the little vertical line in the top LH corner.
  2. OK - I did get OBS to show the details so here's another video ... 2022-12-02 13-37-57.mp4
  3. As I explained in my text - the screen capture software (OBS) does not capture what happens to the panel group after the tab is moved out. I don't know how to change that. (See Below) ... But I can tell you (as I have already) that the panel group becomes undocked as soon as the "Stock" tab moves out of the panel. So all I did after that was to drag the panel back to its docking position and, at that point, OBS sees it again and you can see it in the video.
  4. I was doing that as you were posting so I hope the attached video is what you were looking for. By the way, I tried it with another tab (the "Channels" tab) and that does the same thing - trying to move it outsdie the panel group results in the whole panel group becoming undocked.
  5. What happens is that the whole panel moves and becomes un-docked. I can re-dock it again but can't move the Stock tab outside the panel. Here's a screen capture but for some reason, OBS doesn't capture the undocked panel although it re-appears when I re-dock it. 2022-12-02 11-16-58.mp4
  6. Yep - tried both. I'm just hoping someone else confirms this problem because right now it seems like I'm the only one experiencing it.
  7. Yeah, we've been through this movie before (see above). It just doesn't work for me. I don't know why my installation (Windows 10) is so different to anyone else here but the drag is not working as it should. I can click and drag the word "Stock" all day and, although I can move it along the panel (change its position) I can't move it out or to another panel. And if I click the little vertical line in the corner before trying to move it out, it decides to undock the panel itself and move it around.
  8. Just to update this thread ... I have now bought and installed AP version 2 and still have the same issues. Trying to organise the UI is still a PITA. For example, I have a tab labelled "Stock" which I just cannot move out of that panel window. I have to turn it off in the Window Menu but if I turn it on again it re-appears in the same place and it is impossible to move it to another panel group.
  9. Now I am wondering if there is a way to avoid that step of dragging to the child layer? This is why I didn't realise it was possible in the first place. Isn't there a way to select just the mask layer and apply adjustments to it without having to create an adjustment layer first and then make it a child of the mask layer?
  10. I am sure I have tried that but I went back and tried. I am now somewhat confused because I don't have an adjustment layer. I have a Background layer and above that I have the image I want to show through and that has a mask layer as a child. If I try to apply ajustment to just that mask layer, it goes ahead and applies the adjustment to the whole image (all layers). There is no adjustment layer. Correction: Sorry the adjustment layer does appear after the adjustment has been applied so, as you say, I can drag that on to the mask layer and it works as I wanted it to work. Thanks. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. Hi, I hope I am describing this correctly (Affinity Photo). I am using one image as a mask layer for another image so as I paint with the black brush the mask layer shows through. All standard stuff. However, I often need to match the colours, etc., of the upper layer so I attempted to use the adjustments (HSL, Brightness/Contrast, etc.) but I can't figure out how to stop Affinity Photo from adjusting the whole image (both layers) when I just want to adjust the mask layer. I'm sure this must be something simple but being so simple I can't find a tutorial which explains how to do it.
  12. Well I tried your suggestion but as you suspected - it made no difference. I may well have to resort to a complete uninstall of Affinity but I need to be sure I have removed all traces (user prefrerences, registry entries, etc.) before I re-install. Is there a document explaining how to do this?
  13. No. I bought this when my old "vanilla" mouse died. I bought it because of reviews saying it was a good quality mouse, not because it claimed to be a gaming mouse. I am not a gamer. It works perectly well in all my other applications. It works in Affinity other than the the problem described here. Another point that comes to mind which suggests that the mouse is not the problem is that if you watch the screen capture above you will see that I am able to move the tabs only after clicking the corner icon. Why would a mouse suddenly change behaviour after selecting that icon? Surely if it has a problem dragging those tabs it would have that problem whether or not I clicked that icon? Oh damn ... of course I should have mentioned that I do have an alternative to the mouse. I have a pen. My second monitor is an XP-Pen Graphics Display. I have not yet got into the habit of using it a lot but I do use it for more detailled drawing and selection, etc. I have just confirmed that the same problem is there whether I use the mouse or the pen.
  14. I have none of those Third Party applications. My mouse is a Steel Series Rival 100 and it checks for updates automatically every day. Also, it works fine apart from dragging those Affinity tabs and panels.
  15. Here's my screen recording. I used OBS and a little add-on to show the mouse clicks. I hope it shows what I am talking about. Affinity_SC.mp4
  16. Thanks - I had not noticed that as I had not expanded that section when I read through the help page. Not that I'm sure I would have known what it meant as mine only has a single vertical line as you can see from the screen shot above. Nevertheless, it does not behave entirely as described as I need to click that icon before I can move anything (group or tab) and even then it is hit and miss whether it will move or not. I don't have the screen recording software but I'll look for a free one and see if I can get it to work. I think it is probably a waste of time because I seem to be the only one having this problem so maybe the application does not like my mouse drivers or something wierd like that.
  17. Ok so I had also read that help page you link to and I do not see any mention of clicking the corner icon. I know that I am supposed to be able to move these tabs and panels simply by "grabbing" them but that is the whole point of this thread - it just doesn't work for me. Or, at least, it works sometimes (for example, if I click the corner icon) and not others (even when I have clicked the corner icon) so I have yet to nail-down what sequence of actions will guarantee a dragged tab or panel. I am at the point of completely uninstalling Affinity Photo but I'm not sure whether I will need to go through all the online registration and prove that I have bought it in order to re-install it (more hassle).
  18. Clearly, as you say, nobody else has this issue so I don't see the point of a screen recording especially as it is simple to describe. What could be more simple? I can't drag the tabs and panels around as I should be able to. Seems to me that, like the other comment above, there is doubt about whether I am actually manipulating my mouse clicks and drags like everyone else does. I can assure you that I know how to click and drag. I've been doing it since that function was invented. I do it in any number of other applications. There is one thing you could do to help me - and perhaps others: point me to where it is described that clicking the little vertical line(s) icon in the top left corner of a panel is necessary? I did not find that either in video tutorials or the help text but I might have missed it.
  19. Thanks anyway. I was hoping that I wasn't the only one to see this. Normally I mention something on a forum and someone has already figured out how to fix it.
  20. Seems like the mods have moved that discussion to this subforum so they can probably delete this thread now.
  21. Yes. Sorry but I was advised in that thread to try here instead but now the subject seems to be getting responses back there so your redirection is probably appropriate.
  22. Yes, of course! I was in computer support for 30 years before I retired so I know how to drag with the mouse. I can understand your doubts about my intelligence if you are not seeing the same issues but that is precisely why I asked on this forum. Maybe I am missing some kind of setup preferences. However, I would expect this particular function to work as advertised out of the box, as it were. Which is why I perfomed a factory reset on the application but that didn't help either.
  23. Right - now I find that I have to click that little corner icon again before I can move a tab (as opposed to the panel or group). Still, as I moved the tab it suddenly merged all my panles into one and I ended up with all the tabs in a single panel. Jeez this is a pain to work with.
  24. Yes, I have Affinity Photo open right now and I am trying precisely what you say. Clicking on "Colour", for example - it just will not move.
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