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  1. For reference I just opened a 30.9MB shot in camera DNG from my Pentax K3 in 6 seconds in Photo 1.5.1. Late 2013 iMac i7 3.5 GHZ, 16GB Ram, 3TB Fusion Drive
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Asha. I just had a look at both colour balance and selective colour adjustment layers but didn't get anywhere with them. Could you give me a rundown of the procedure you had in mind please?
  3. Yes I tried the Clone tool first and managed to remove some of the flare but couldn't replicate the texture, hence the idea of using Frequency Separation.
  4. Thanks Madame, That was a clever trick. :) I totally forgot to use the url function so thanks again for that. Any ideas how to get rid of lens flare in AP? Graham
  5. Great so I can't post a link to YouTube here for some reason.
  6. For some reason the link to the tutorial didn't show up. Here it is again:
  7. Any ideas on how to remove the lens flare from the attached photo, which I've cropped drastically only to hide the person's identity? I tried this tutorial using Frequency Separation in PS, but can't make it work in AP. Thanks in advance Graham
  8. I just tried this too with my Pentax K3. I attempted to send 25 tifs (all together about 3.50 GB) directly from "Edit in AP" in Lightroom and managed to totally crash my iMac for the first time ever :rolleyes: Of course I should have exported the photos from Lightroom first and simply opened them in the Stacking dialogue in AP, but I didn't think of that at the time. Anyway, eventually, the noise reduction was very good, although I'm not sure when I would want to use this purely for noise reduction, as Lightroom does a fairly good job on a single photo without having to create such a large file.
  9. Hi jmac, I just tried out exactly what you wrote here, but even when I click on an item in the drop down list all I get is the spinning wheel. So whether I type in a word and click Search or choose from the drop down and then click makes no difference. It just doesn't do anything.
  10. Thanks jmac I'll check out the ibook option. @MEB I'm not running any anti-virus or security software. @smadell yes as you say search doesn't work, clicking on a topic on the left works as expected.
  11. I've used the MAS versions including now 1.4, and all the AD and AP Betas but the search function under Help< Affinity Photo/Designer Help< Search Help has never worked for me. I type in a word, click search and the wheel just spins and no results ever appear. I'm on a late 2013 27" iMac 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB, 16GB Ram running 10.9.5 if that helps at all. Anyone got any ideas what the problem might be? Graham
  12. I had the same problem on my 2013 27" iMac running 10.9.5, all images opening black from LR 6.1. Your fix here solved the problem so thanks for that Matt.
  13. I was watching this excellent video and when it came to 1'18" he said to hold the Shift+cmd keys and click on Background in the Layers Panel to make a Luminance Selection. https://vimeo.com/143990072 On my German keyboard this doesn't do anything and I couldn't find it in the Select drop down menu either, is there some other way of doing this? Graham
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