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  1. Is there a better way to upvote or request this, this thread is so many years old, does Serif read these posts?
  2. (This is not a question about wrapping text) I have an image, it's rectangular in shape, and I want to to wrap it around something (think -- coffee mug, and a rectangle logo... I want the logo to look like it's actually printed on the coffee mug so it needs to wrap on the sides) I'm just learning Affinity so any detailed response would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply. I guess for some reason I think of rasterizing as somehow losing quality if I later decide to scale it larger? What is it called BEFORE I rasterize it? (what's the real difference between the two formats)
  4. I'm not exactly sure how to explain this so I've attached a screenshot. Basically, I pasted an image (off a webpage) into a new document. Then I want to crop out most of the whitespace, which I have done (this screenshot is AFTER I used crop). However, something is still left over after cropping, because even though I did already use the crop function, there's some blue selection/outline that still exists and if I copy this image to use in my other open file it copies the ENTIRE large area (the entire outlined blue area) and not the smaller area I cropped. (as if I never cropped it in the first place) The only way I know to cut out the parts I don't want is if I were to rasterize it first but I don't want to do that. (sidenote - I've thought if making a mask but I'm not sure how/if this is possible in Affinity Photo? I've done this in the past in Adobe Illustrator, if anyone knows please let me know as masking could also be an option) The odd thing is this doesn't happen 100% of the time, many photos crop without this issue so maybe it's related to the file I copied from the webpage, but still, I SHOULD be able to easily crop it either way I'd think.
  5. Hi, sorry I wasn't clear @carl123 on what you meant. Should I upload the original file somewhere for someone to test with?
  6. You're right, if I test on a completely NEW document, it does work. So let me ask you this, maybe my document has to be in a certain format? I often start a new document by first "opening" a JPG for example, then I SAVE AS to the native format and go on with my work... could be it related to that? Thanks
  7. Is there any workaround? The only way I can add effects (Bevel/Emboss, Glow, Shadows, etc) is if I first convert the text to raster. But once I do that, I can no longer edit the text (change font, edit text, etc) Thanks
  8. Thanks for the reply. So I do see that 'eye' icon and it works when I'm moving an object. But that's the only time I see the eye, is there no way to hide the selection when doing other things?
  9. Question relates to Affinity Photo but probably is the same in Designer. In photoshop, I believe I used CTRL-H for this.... When I'm moving an asset around, it's hard to see it because of the blue outline or box (or dots) around it, is there a way to hide these on something I've selected temporarily? Thanks
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