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  1. 10 hours ago, firstdefence said:

    I use a compliment of apps with their multitude of tools, some of the tools are duplicated but some apps tools give particular features  that tool, I just select the app that does what I want it to do. This is a dynamic ever-changing process, with apps falling out of favour, only to rise again the next month with a big improvement in a tool, that’s the nature of such things it’s ebb and workflow of app usage. 😉

    If an app gives everything people want, they change from complaining about everything the app doesn’t have, to everything it does have and it automatically becomes bloatware  🤣

    You consider a transform tool bloat? Stick with MS Paint then.

  2. On 5/2/2020 at 7:51 PM, maxvolume said:

    This is not a necessary discussion for a free transform tool. It’s well established how this function works. It’s not a “feature idea”, it’s almost as basic a tool as drawing bezier curves.

    Google “illustrator free transform” for quite literally hundreds of different uses.


    Pretty much everyone is looking to get away from Photoshop and Illustrator. That's what I'm doing. I have a list of maybe a dozen features I absolutely require and Affinity manages to hit them all except something as basic as proper transforms. It doesn't look like they care either. All it takes is one thing not working and we're not leaving Adobe. What a missed opportunity.

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