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  1. +1 from me. It's ridiculous this tool is still missing!!! It has been asked for for 2 years now!
  2. Yesterday I bought a clipart file which was delivered as .ai - when opening it in Designer (1.8.3 and 1.7.3) it was shown as an empty canvas, both on Mac and PC. So I re-activated Adobe Illustrator, which opened it correctly including some kind of conversion. The saved file then finally could be opened with Designer. I can't upload the file here publicly because this would infringe the copyright, but maybe the developers would like to have a look? Axel Hess
  3. This option is included in Publisher, but missing in Designer. Including the automatic update of externally changed files, please...
  4. So you open the designer file in publisher, make changes, save it and open again in designer?
  5. Okay, I just had a close look into my files. Somehow I managed to place the logo as "linked" into one of my layouts - unfortunately I don't dig how to reproduce this, can anybody help me, pleeease? 🙏 When I open this document I get about 7 notices that it has been changed outside - how can I update all of them at once? Or have them updated automatically?
  6. I'm searching for a solution to the same problem. Is there REALLY no possibility to place a designer document into another without embedding??? I am working on a corporate design for a client, including quite a few different media items. If for instance i change some detail of the logo or another repeatedly used graphic object, of course I want it to be updated in every file where I placed it - no problem in Illustrator or Indesign. Do I REALLY have to update the file manually everywhere?? That would not only be tedious, but extremely prone to errors.
  7. I completely second Keito64's wish! The main reason for me is the buggy version 1.8.0 of Publisher on Windows right now - it did not even start after a few times of usage. I had to downgrade the complete Affinity suite on two computers just because of that - not only on that Windows machine, but also on my mac to still be able to work with both computers on the same files. Luckily I noticed the problem before converting all the recent files... else I'd really had been f***ed! I can totally understand that problems in new versions of any software may occur - but in that case it's an absolute necessity to have some kind of interchange of files between versions!!! Maybe a possibility to import newer formats, or a separate conversion app?
  8. Thanks! Don't know if this is practical for documents with many artboards, but for now very helpful advice!
  9. Is there a keyboard shortcut available to navigate between artboards in Designer?
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