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  1. The align control and functionality is a nightmare (Mac). I've just finished a very finnicky job with a couple of hundred paths to align and it would have been a doddle in Illustrator. I love Affinity but this is unforgivable — let us use this control as WE want, for crying out loud. In this case, by letting us set the parameters FIRST if we want. Who thought it would be a good idea to have objects leaping about the place before we go on to click the right options? Apart from anything else, it's very, very distracting and wearing, particularly after watching everything go to the wrong place before jumping to what is actually desired for the fiftieth time in five minutes. This is such a crucial part of the process, I'm staggered at how poorly it is handled. It has the sense of a developer putting a vague notion of logical process ahead of actually asking people who have been using similar software for decades to see what is most productive and comfortable for them. How about having a separate floating panel with proper options on it instead of having to fanny about heading to the menu button every damn time? Please sort this nonsense out pronto; it badly lets the app down.
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