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  1. From previous experience, if doing the above fails, then just reinstall from the MAS. I basically never got notified for the switch from 1.7.x. After reinstalling 1.8.x, been getting the update notifications since.
  2. Thanks. I downloaded again from the MAS and it replaced the old 1.7.1 version. Never got the upgrade notice.
  3. Is it possible to change from the MAS version to the Affinity Store version? I have not gotten and upgrade notice from the MAS since v1.7.1. Tried all the steps listed for notification and nothing. I am trying to just download it again
  4. Never mind. Found it in Document > Colour Format. All works well now. Thanks!
  5. Thanks both ... just need to figure out how to do the conversion!
  6. Hello, Thanks for the response. It is the old Google Version. Basically, when I open a RAW file (NEF), go through the develop process and then try to apply the Nik Collection to a layer, only the HDF Efex Pro plugin is active and all the others are greyed out. If I open a jpeg file directly, including one first exported from Affinity, then all the plugins are available. Please see attached images.
  7. Hello, Just installed the Nik Collection as a plugin and would like to ask whether it is supposed to be the case that this is generally not available after developing RAW files? I notice only HDR Efex is active in such cases and that the other plugins are only active when I open a jpeg file directly. Thanks.
  8. Same issue noted with the remove vignette.
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