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  1. @Vince B. That's what I did, the only difference was that my rectangles had a fill applied. I removed that and it still didn't crash. I will log the issue with your file and pass the information on to the development team. Just out of interest, can you tell me where you store the file? Is it on a local drive / network drive / cloud storage?
  2. Hi @Ryan700 I've just had this message on my M1 MacBook Pro. When I clicked the Install Update button it didn't look like it did anything but it started downloading behind the splash screen. Then when I closed the update window it asked if I want to "Install and Relaunch". If I close the app and reboot it the Install Update button is back again. Is it possible that yours started downloading behind another window? If this isn't happening for you I would follow the advice from @MikeTO above.
  3. A lot of the rectangles in your design won't select when I click them. I haven't been able to recreate this state so when I try to divide the shapes in my document it seems to work. Try this one. Highlight everything and click Divide on this file. Divide-test-file.afdesign
  4. Hi @Vince B. Welcome to the Affinity forums. Sorry to hear you are experiencing crashing. I've been able to recreate the issue on your document by selecting everything and clicking Divide, but I haven't been able to recreate the issue from scratch. Can you tell me anything about how you created the document? I agree with @Hangman that the best way to achieve the results you were after is to use a clipping mask. It's a less destructive way of doing things and you can remove the mask if you need to or change your mind.
  5. Hi @Marcocampo Thanks for the comparisons, that's a big help. I will look into it. 👍
  6. Hi @Marcocampo Thanks for providing the packaged files. Are you still using the Xerox 7750 A3 colour laser printer you mention in your original post?
  7. @Mtl_Biker Not all printers use the same drivers so it actually isn't simple to reproduce the same issue on all printers. There are many variables at work including Printer Brand / Printer model. As @AlainP mentioned in this thread - he got two different results from using two different Canon printers, proving that even the same brand is capable of different results. So, it actually isn't surprising that my Canon cannot reproduce these results. If you'd like to provide the photos or a video that can show the difference between the two prints I will pass them on the development team. This is exactly what I would be producing if my printer was able to recreate the same results. While this is frustrating please bear in mind how many Airprint capable printers there are on the market. In the meantime, I recommend you continue to print from Files.
  8. @Mtl_Biker I can't reproduce this issue on my Canon printer, but will log it as it seems to affect a few other printers. I have your example file so if you can upload a photo of the correct printout - from printing the PDF from Files. If you could also include a photo of the printout of the scaled down version printed from Designer iPad I can show what is happening.
  9. No problem, good news that you can't recreate it. Get back to me if you do find it. 👍
  10. @WaveF Sorry for the delay in replying. Could you upload your document here please so I could take a look? Then I can try and recreate the issue from scratch.
  11. Hi @Khaazy Welcome tot he Affinity forums! Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment, I didn't spot it there on the end of the thread. Are you still experiencing these issues with your older files?
  12. Thanks for the document. I haven't been able to reproduce the issue from scratch so will log the issue as it is. Can I just ask where the file was stored? Was it on a local drive or a network drive?
  13. Could you upload one of the documents that you are printing? When I use method 1 with an A4 document and the 4x6 inch design in the centre I don't get any scaling at all. The A4 document is accurate whether I print through Designer, the Canon app or from Files if I select A4 as my paper size.
  14. Thanks for the extra information, I will pass that on to the development team.
  15. I downloaded the Canon app yesterday so I could find out what error I was getting with my A3 borderless Canon printer. Having a printer without a display made it impossible to rely on the Apple Print Centre. Using my 4 x 6 inch document I have printed on 4 x 6 inch paper in the following ways: Designer iPad > Print > Locate printer - Scales up as it attempts to print borderless - this issue has been logged already (see image below) Designer iPad > Export > Share > Canon app > Next > Print - Scales down, adding a border. The app doesn't have any borderless options (See image below) I also tried the option that @walt.farrell mentioned, where I set up an A4 document and placed my 4 x 6 inch document in the centre. I printed this from the Designer app and it printed accurately. When I exported this as a PDF and and printed if from Files it was also accurate. @Mtl_Biker What paper size are you printing to and are you using method 1 above to print your documents?
  16. @c4ndym4n Can you tell me what model tablet and mouse you are using please?
  17. @kwaku & @Hangman That second document was definitely slow to render for me and when viewing the resource manager it became unresponsive. This looks to be down to the amount of layers using the layer effect. The Smart Object option in Preferences is disabled by default and once I enabled that and the option to "Import PSD text as text rather than bitmap" it improved. It also allowed the PSD to function as intended and update the drop shadow. I then modified it to add my own text as intended and the lag I previously saw when viewing the resource manager was gone too. The performance you're seeing is certainly not intentional to discourage the use of PSDs, but as the feature sets aren't 1:1 you can't always map them easily from one application to the other so you may get some things perform worse than others. In this case the 402 pixel layers (if you didn't enable Import PSD Smart objects as Smart objectS) was likely causing the memory to struggle in some places. @Hangman, with regards to the 0kb showing up, we're not entirely sure why, but suspect it's likely related to it coming from a PSD Smart Object where the file size is not logged. However, I will get the Gradient Overlay position looked at as I can see that with just a single layer.
  18. Hi @c4ndym4n Welcome to the Affinity forums. Would you be able to upload a video of the delay so we take a look?
  19. Sadly no, I updated my own iPad to the latest retail version and the latest iOS. Thanks for confirming this. I think it might be a router issue for me as I tested it on my home printer. I'll have a look at the router later. It's not the first time it's been sporadic.
  20. I'm having mixed results at the moment @DM1 so I'm trying not to jump to any conclusions. I have managed to print from Files and Notability so far but not from Designer. My colleague is not having any luck printing anything.
  21. @Mtl_Biker Have you been able to Airprint from Designer iPad since you updated to 14.8?
  22. Glad the process was smooth. I installed printer drivers on both Mac & PC today and the Mac process was very smooth. Can I ask what iOS your iPad Pro (12.9 M1) is on?
  23. I was installing the driver as you compared the sizes of your printouts and because it was on my list of things to do today anyway. I'm not currently able to AirPrint from the app yet but have managed to print the document from Files after I exported it as a PDF. While it doesn't seem necessary to print from the desktop app it might help to rule out the printer driver as the issue if it's ok from one source and not from another.
  24. Hi @Mtl_Biker Thanks for the extra info and for trying exporting to PDF. That has ruled out a few things for me. I was installing the print driver onto a new Mac that hasn't had a driver installed before. My iPad also just found the printer but as yet hasn't printed anything. I think that might be due to the fact that I created an A4 document. When I finally found the "Print Order" window it didn't seem to have an option for A4, only 4x6. Once I have encouraged it to print I will compare my results and get back to you.
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