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    TomaeusD reacted to reminous in Link objects in layers   
    Hi there,
    Linking objects it's a common feature in some other layer based softwares and I don't use it very much... however, sometimes this is the only way to achieve what we want. 
    It's different from grouping objects because sometimes you might want to move/scale to elements together from different layer for example. I know we can do it by selecting objects manually, but it's kind of annoying repeating this process every time... so, I'd love to just see a chain icon somewhere in the layer panel to make life a bit easier.
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    TomaeusD reacted to ashf in Options for Flip command.   
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    TomaeusD reacted to firstdefence in Can I flip (mirror) a shape through a point/axis of choice?   
    It would be nice to simply define a flip axis and flip an object around that axis but in the meantime you could use the Alignment handles and the construction tool.

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    TomaeusD reacted to firstdefence in How can I easily "mirror" or "reflect" an object in Affinity Designer?   
    Ok, but, Why doesn't the flip tools have a flip centre, why can't you specify the flip point, there are 7 points that are options, you could use the transform panel location points or like you would with the rotation centre?
    I would have thought most flipping of a created shape would be to get some sort of symmetry and adding a "moveable flip centre" would seem like a common sense addition to the flip tool.
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    TomaeusD got a reaction from criffel in Default location for Save As (and Export)   
    I'm loving Affinity Designer, but this issue is seriously bothering me. I'm surprised that over several years this hasn't been addressed and fixed, and I'm getting Adobe flashbacks. I am hopeful, though, as my experience otherwise has been positive. Clearly the software has grown much in the last couple years.
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