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  1. You may enter a percent value in the transform panel (instead of mm or px). You just have to type the %-sign yourself (e.g. "50%").
  2. Hello Walt, I just found the problem, thanx to Pšenda. I suspected it was no bug, but some function I did'nt find. And I saw that I can switch the Interface to english, so next time I'll know the correct name of the panel/function. Thank you.
  3. What the heck … I found it, thank you for the hint, @Pšenda Two different panels with the same function that override each other? Which sense is that supposed to make? (Just switched from inDesign, taking my first steps grz TT
  4. Hello, (Publisher on Mac OS) I want to change the line spacing of a text. It doesnt react to whatever value I enter. Only in a completely new document with standard Arial text I can change the leading ("Zeilenabstand" in the german version). Once I change the font or the alignment or whatever, the text doesnt react anymore. greetings Tobias
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