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  1. It's sad to think you can asses things like this by using your own example to prove a point. Yes speed of doing complex designs is key for real agency work, I would fire any lancer that take hours to do what most can in minutes, that's how the real world works. Companies don't like to pay for additive costs, and would gladly pay for illustrator if that meant keeping payroll low since an hour of most illustrators work is worth a month of adobe's suite. While I would love to pass out floating license of Affinity to my team, that's not gonna happen till they can use it and design on it as fast as they can with workable shapebuilding software.
  2. See how it takes me about 5 seconds to do what took you 50 seconds to do, now grow that exponential with complex designs.
  3. Yeah, everyone knows how to make compound shapes in Affinity, what we are saying is that it's literally the same way you would make them in the 80's, which clearly you know. It's old and there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to have "up to date tools" for this. I'm sorry if your designs are simple enough where this isn't an issue for you but in the real business of complex designs using Boolean merging compounds are old and way to slow to be looked at for workflow speed. Edit: also when I said app only i mean x86 vs arm only.
  4. Not sure about Styler but I know vectornator is only an app so they can probably say it's different to a degree that wouldn't be infringement. But again I'm just speculating, Heck maybe Serif is just bad. Their glassdoor review looks like it's a company owned by people that are terrible to work for, so maybe their management and engineers don't understand why a shapebuilder is better than standard Booleans. Regardless the reason, after reading about people working for them, I would start to look elsewhere for software, they don't seem like they are in it for the long haul. Most likely they will have an exit plan and sell. https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Serif-Europe-Reviews-E36023.htm
  5. I'm starting to think a shapebuilder tool would get them sued if they made it, because why else wouldn't they do it, it's literally just a projection path trace. Perhaps adobe owns some intellectual property on it.
  6. 2 years later? Is there a shape tool? It's really the only thing holding me back from using this over illustrator. A shape builder tool is way better than a boolean tool such as merge and delete clipping point without having to duplicate shapes for multiple Xor function. Affinity takes almost double the amount of time than illustrator.
  7. The lack of shapebuilder style tools is the only reason why I still use illustrator, it's become an essential in modern workflow
  8. Being able to hold a button in and rotate the canvas while drawing is an essential for modern drawing app. Without this it limits artist ability to draw smoothly on tablets and screens, not everyone can draw perfect circles and need to rotate the canvas to get their comfortable angle
  9. The file I was working on all of sudden stopped being able to paint. I can start a new file and paint but the file I was painting on stopped being able to paint, i can't even start a new layer and paint on it. I'm on ryzen 7, win 10, 128 gigs of ram and gtx 1080 ti Here's a vid of my fustration: no paint.mp4
  10. Hey @MEB I'm using a Huion GT-126hd draw on screen. I would assume the trick to this would be to put a click range on the add point area because pressure clicks are getting in the way.
  11. I had the same issue this tool doesn't work with tablets, you need to click with a mouse. Is there a bug report we can submit too?
  12. Just got this, I love it but yes +1 for a shape builder tool, it is the only thing I see missing. I have to keep popping open Illustrator and saving out svg's
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