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  1. Yes probably the same thing, it looks like a general bug with the tone mapping persona.
  2. Just opened a Nikon raw (Z6) into beta, developed it, selected tone mapping persona and got blank screen. Selecting split view showed as per image below. iPadPro 2018 model running iPadOS v 14.0.1 Affinity Beta Works fine on 1.8.6 ipad version. Cheers Andy
  3. Benchmark comparison between iPadPro 2018, iMac Late 2015 and MS SurfaceBook 2
  4. Tried with latest beta. Infer LUT causes immediate crash. Load LUT works as per production version. Same behaviours as this bug in release 1.8.x (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/108877-infer-lut-failing-beta-182171-18-production/)
  5. I opened a Nikon raw on my iPadPro, Surface Book and iMac applied the same raw development settings to the image and exported as a 16 bit Tiff with the same settings applied (full disclosure, I forgot to remove the spot top right hand corner on the windows version) and got slightly different results, with the iMac and Surface Book looking the same, but the iPadPro version slightly different when they are all viewed on the same screen. Viewed all 3 on both the iMac and Surface Book and the same results. I couldn't compare on the iPadPro as it just didn't want to display the 3 images - more an iPad thing given the iMac and Surface Book with full os's were able to. My question is.....should I expect the same result from these products on different platforms? It's noticeable that the iMac and Surface Book versions are the same file size and same look, whereas the iPadPro version is a slightly smaller file and looks slightly different. The machines were all running the latest version of Affinity Photo: iPadPro AP 1.8.4, iOS 13.6.1 iMac AP 1.8.4, Catalina 10.15.6 SurfaceBook AP 1.8.5, Win 10 Pro, 19041.450 As far as I can see all at the latest versions of product and platform
  6. I had this and reported it. It’s been fixed in beta 1.8.4, so should be out soonish when Affinity releases it
  7. Hi, This was fixed in current beta 1.8.4. I’ve tested it and it works fine now Andy
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