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  1. Ok, problem solved, i've juste reinstall windows from scratch. i've only reinstaled Nvidia driver and affinity , and it works smoothly. No more crashes. if that may help. can't add solved.
  2. Hi Komatös, thanks for the answer. step 1 is something that i'm aware works, but i don't know why to deactivate this option if it could work. by the way i've checked something else. i've juste set windows swap filesystem to 0 as i've 12Go memory and voilaaaa no more crash... for the moment.
  3. Hi, you can find logs in your profile\appdata\Roaming\affinity\photo\1.0\chrashreports
  4. Hi everyone, When i activate Hardwre Acceleration, when i create a new empty canevas everytime Affinity crash. retouching a photo randomly affinity crash. my version My video card : Nvidia Geforce GTX1660 TI 9.73 Go free on C:\ executing the following report made it crash. attachment_Log.txt 80a96e18-5c2a-491a-aa02-d9c9facf3dcf.dmp
  5. No, at the beginning, affinity memory was up to 10G and always using the Swap. so i tried many test, desabling the windows swap, nothing. changing Affinity ram amount nothing SSD enhancement and so long, so that i forget to revert affinity Ram to it previous state.
  6. Hi, Can't change the title.. and you were right, that was my Ram usage limit i vhave to move up, as in a test i slow it too mutch. everithing ok now thanks everybody.
  7. damned, same thing popup again Hdd 100% but while composing panorama. i don't know what is personabackstore.dat ?? but it is written by system and photo ..???
  8. Hi guys, thanks for the help and answer. It seams that was more a windows issue than affinity. i've deactivate windows swap then reactivate it. and no more hdd to 100% maybe the swap goes corrupt some times. Ps i don't know how to mark it Resolved ??
  9. hi everyone, when i try to focus merge 7 photos, it took 100% charge of my C hardrive. i've up the swap on windows, move it to the L drive. i've make a symbolic link from c:\users\profile\appdata\affinity to L:\ (have more place) and it sill put the c:\ on 100% charge do some one have a tip for me ??
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