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  1. Is it possible to lock this position? That tool handle still is selectable and thats a bit annoying when using the center as a starting point for objects.
  2. Ok. I thought alt was just to ignore the snapping, as the infoline at the bottom also states. Would't it make more sense to use ctrl+alt+drag to copy without snapping?
  3. when selecting an object and then moving it holding the alt-key, it makes a copy of it.
  4. Not sure if this is a bud or just an annoying habit. The shortkey ctrl+space for zooming only works when space is first pressed, and then ctrl. A lot of time I end up selecting objects/noodes instead of zooming because they are basically pressed simultaniously. Could that be fixed so that is doesn't matter which key was pressed first? This is also in AP.
  5. I have a wacom ctl-470 I just tried running AD in safe mode. Seems to work fine but when I use the ctrl-shift-n shortkey the program quits.
  6. It happens all the time. Adding layers via menu or panel icon does not cause problems. So basically it happens when i use the ctrl-shift-n combination. I just discovered that it occurs when the brush is active. The most simple steps to reproduce it: new doc select brush ctrl-shift-n freeze
  7. Designer freezes when I add an new layer using the shortkey ctrl-shift-n. WIN7 - AD
  8. Yes, I am aware that active files can cause problems on connected storages. Usually it's enough to close those files.
  9. Now an then I open pictures directly from my sd-card, via an usb card-reader. Sometimes when I am finished with the picture, and try to safely remove the card, I cannot do that. I tried to reproduce this problem but failled, the bug looks random. I suspect it has to do with some data read/written to the card or a temp lockfile orso, dunno. The only work-around is not only to close the active documents, I have to close AP so I can remove the card safely. Not sure if this occurs in the latest AP 1.8.2 (Win7). I had it a couple of times in previous versions.
  10. When adjusting the brushwidth using alt+rightclick+drag the mouse does not stay in position. The preview of the new size is visible but the cursor still moves. AP Win 7 Wacom bamboo (ctl-470)
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