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  1. Suggestion - I would love to be able to adjust the image preview size on the main screen in order to fit more images within the immediately available screen, or be able to have even bigger preview. having to scroll thru multiple times is not a big issue, however doing this when trying to find one specific image can become inefficient.
  2. Hi KimHou. I can only add that as of the recent public release the app does not crash for me at all. I am using an Ipad Air 2 on software version 13.3.1 Affinity photo version I only had to uninstall and re-install the app once. I hope the community can offer you a solution. I understand how frustrating it can be to loose the work you've done.
  3. I have A suggestion for anyone experiencing app crashes on v.1.8.3. It may be specific to my iPad Air 2, however after updating to the latest public release I did experience app crashes when working with RAW files (did not experience this issue with the beta release of the same version). As a shot in the dark, I uninstalled the App and re-downloaded it. No more crashes. App is working great, thou I admit I feel like the high frequency filter takes a long time to process.
  4. -UPDATE- downloaded the latest beta release. Can confirm that the crash problems are no longer there, have successfully been working with multiple RAW images both in develop mode and standard editing. As of this moment i have not experiences a single crash. Hopefully this keeps up. I look forward to a full public release soon.
  5. UPDATE-- downloaded the latest beta release Can confirm that the crash problems are no longer there. I have successfully been working with multiple RAW images both in develop mode and standard editing, as of this moment i have not experienced a single crash. Hopefully this keeps up. I look forward to a full public release soon. Ipad Air 2 - latest IOS
  6. Hi Chris I opened a JPEG and did not seem to experience any app crashes. I used the develop persona and standard editing functions, with no problems. -update- app crashes with RAW images, during develop persona but also while using standard editing functions. I uninstalled and re-installed the app, in an effort to reduce RAW image crashing. Unfortunately the app still crashed, however it seemed to take a little longer than before.
  7. Affinity Photo 1.8.2 Crashes when editing RAW images on an Ipad Air 2. not only does it crash to the home screen, but it also not save the thumbnail of the image that was opened or any of the work done prior to the crash. Its as thou the image was never opened. this is becoming rather frustrating. The App did not crash or have any issues prior to version 1.8. Below is video of the crash event. This is a great app, please release a stable and working fix. Affinty I've requested access to beta release of the app, however I have not heard from anyone, on how to gain access thru apple Testflight. RPReplay_Final1584460627.MP4
  8. Thank you for your test. Its possible that its only failing on my older ipad air2 i suppose.
  9. Also crashing here, while editing Canon M100, EOS T6i RAW files. I loose all work, not even the thumbnail of the opened image is save. IPad Air 2, latest IOS. AF latest release.
  10. IMG_1164.MP4 Hello, I would like to add my unfortunate problem to this thread. My Affinity Photo app is also crashing when editing RAW files. In addition to crashing to the home screen, it also does not autosave any of the edited work or even a thumbnail of the opened image. App version —- is the latest full released to public Ipad version - Ipad air 2. With IOS 13.3.1 Camera models include - Canon M100, EOS Rebel T6i Note, the previous app update initiated the crashing. Versions prior to the last two updates did not cause crashes, also noticed that the app it self runs a little slower than before. Please help. Video below shows typical crash scenario. It’s a bit long, but can sometimes happen after only a few minutes. IMG_1164.MP4
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