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  1. I just noticed it had updated to 1.8.3 and have edited a RAW photo without it crashing! I’ll do a few more tests but so far it seems fine!
  2. Okay so 12-Bit seems to have uploaded here fine but the 14-Bit (Orange Rose) didn't, I sent that one to the Dropbox anyway. After testing the 12-Bit (Pink Rose) in Affinity Photo the app still crashed on me before I could even finish the first page of the Develop. DSC_0065.NEF
  3. Just uploading here off my computer and I get a -200 Error message so have added to the Dropbox again I'm fairly certain that worked this time! Appreciate all the help. Edit* looks like my camera was set to 14bit not sure if it makes a difference but I’ll try the app on 12 bit too
  4. I can try emailing them? I think it’s the file type or something because I’ve tried to upload them to Dropbox before and had the same issue like I said before, I don’t really understand it 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’m also using iPad 6th generation
  5. Yours worked fine here mine says 201.28kb so not sure if that’s just the preview but will try anyway. I uploaded to Dropbox too but here’s the same one here just in case. If it makes any difference sounds like it’s on the mend though with the beta so good news now just the waiting game haha cheers for your help 👌🏽
  6. An example, I’m running Skype in the background but this happens exactly the same without it on just to clarify that it’s not that. IMG_1656.MP4
  7. It’s all of my files not just particular ones. I uploaded an orange rose although I’m not sure if it will work because I have tried to upload it to my Dropbox then downloaded it and it wasn’t RAW anymore hopefully it does and is able to help find a solution
  8. 12-Bit compressed NEF (RAW) files from Nikon D5600 there is no way to select uncompressed so this format isn’t supported?
  9. So one of the biggest camera formats is no longer supported? Didn’t they just add support for cannon? So what change cameras if you want to use AP to edit raw files 😅 I’m confused
  10. Sorry I have only figured out how to get the logs now I just did this one fresh and still after the update it cashes seems worse than before even please see attached. Photo iPad-2020-02-27-162159.ips
  11. Are these brushes still working? If so do they work with the iPad? When I tried to import they just show as greyed out, any help appreciated cheers.
  12. Hey, thanks for getting back to me. It seems I occur randomly and it’s usually once I’ve done all or nearly all, my adjustments I have the photos loaded directly to my camera roll. Changing one or two things is generally fine, and it seems to be on all RAW files, I did lower the amount of Undo limit to 30 thought that might help and have changed the save interval to 30. After doing this I edited one picture developed fine then went to do frequency separation and it crashed again lucky it was saved by then. It just seems to be unstable with all RAW files I have not just any particular ones.
  13. Hi, just wondering if anyone can please help me. I have AP on my 6th gen iPad which is up to date, iOS 13.3 My issue is editing RAW files in develop mode the app just crashes and all progress is lost which is really annoying I have to edit the same photo up to 5 times just to get it how I want so I can save it. Does anyone know if a fix for this? RAW files are NEF on average 29MB from a Nikon D5600 if that makes a difference. I will eventually I hope to get AP for my computer (still debating now) when I can get back to work but until then this is my only means of editing and am beyond frustrated.
  14. Is there any tutorials for something like this or can someone point me in the right direction? Any help greatly appreciated https://youtu.be/oQbZfm4pK4Q
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