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  1. Just to be clear. Affinity Designer/Photo can only import PSD files IF Adobe Fresco is NOT installed on your device... SO you must choose between Affinity and Fresco, you CANNOT use both. Is this bug being worked on? It doesn't seem unreasonable for illustrators to want to use multiple tools to create their work.
  2. Mine is crashing too. Previous versions were rock solid, 1.9 is fast becoming unusable. I'm running Catalina.
  3. Plus one for being half way into a project before realizing such a CORE feature is missing--I was stunned that it is not included. I really wanted to love everything Affinity, because I really hate adobe's pricing structure. But let's be honest with ourselves, without some sort of perspective, shear, free distort feature the program is pretty much unusable (who can afford to be jumping in and out of different programs as a workaround for basic functionality). Sorry, but any talk of affinity designer being an adobe killer dies right here with this issue (I mean wasn't "free distort" in Illustrator 2, and I'm talking the Illustrator 2 that predated the Creative Suite renumbering by at least a decade... hands up if you remember when photoshop and illustrator each had different version numbers...)
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