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  1. Hi, Chris... Yep I have disabled all the options that coulds affect the graphic card, the retina is set to low, the processing in warp and the open cl disabled... but still the hangs happens. Today i was trying to modify a big size poster and it was totally imposible, I've donwloaded the beta but it does not work too.
  2. Same problem here... since the last update, Photo crash every minute... i'ts impossible to work with it. No talking about work in big formats. I've tried all the work around posted here and nothing works. I was very happy with this software but now i'm unable to finish some posters and deliver to the clients... 🙄 even thre crash report file is not always saved I have windows 10 with nvidia gtx 1660 super and 32 gb ram and intel i5-10400F
  3. Sorry Walt for the delay... i finally solved that using "rasterice and cut" in a duplicate layer
  4. Thanks, but I need to export some elements using "selected" but this elements are beyond the limits and they are exported beyond the limits... The cool of Affinity Photo y the ability to export selected but this is useless if the crop tool does not crop at all
  5. Yep, there is not cropping tool, is a masking tool and is a hell working with it, is some part of the image is beyond the borders all of it is exported...
  6. Hi... I have a thing that make me crazy... the cropping tool does not works as photoshop. when you crop a picture, the image still exists beyond limits, same happens when you mask something... so i export a part of a picture but the image resulting is not only the selected item that i want to export. A masked object is exported (blank) beyond its limits creating a exported image with incorrect dimensions. I try to use the slice tool but does not work for me... is there any way to export what we see, not the whole masked objects... is so unproductive to export and load the image to cut it
  7. That's is happenning to me with every brush I use... no matter use Nvidia or Warp... and no matter the size... I can hear the wind coolers of the nvidia speed up insane everytime i pick some brushes... It is impossible to work like that... I've used the latest beta and is the same.
  8. Hi... when I try to use a brush with the eraser is sooo anying cause they are so slow and is impossible to work. I've read is something with the render brush but modifying some values does not change anything for me. Is there any way to correct that? Thanks
  9. Hi.. I used to use this Photoshop action to add some vector style to my works wich was so cool: https://graphicriver.net/item/vector-sketch-photoshop-action/20235096 Is there any way to achive that on Affinity? I mean, not drawing... illustration is not my kind... I'm looking for some kind of macro... Thanks!
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