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  1. Thanks, Old Bruce. That worked like a charm! Double-clicking on a document works, as well as opening through File in 1.84. I had not installed 1.9.
  2. Using MacBook Pro. When I double-click on a Publisher document, it is opened with the beta 1.84 version instead of the 1.84 final release. I know I should probably open the 1.84 app first and then open my document, but I'd like to uninstall the beta and keep only the 1.84 final release. Is there an uninstaller or do I just drag the beta into my trash? Will trashing the 1.9 beta somehow "break" the 1.84 release?
  3. The release of Publisher 1.8.0 has made me soooooooo happy!!! Now I can finally update to Mac Catalina since I'm no longer bound to InDesign CS6. Purchasing Affinity Publisher has certainly been money well spent! Thank you!!!!!
  4. Thanks, garrettm30. I'm following the info links about betas and full releases of Publisher. In the latter chart, Mojave is listed but not Catalina. I thought I had read that Publisher was compatible with Catalina 10.15. About to download the beta now.
  5. What am I doing wrong? I just purchased and installed Affinity Publisher 1.7.3. I exported an important InDesign CS6 file as an idml file. When I try to Open it, the document is grayed out and will not open it. When I drag and drop it, I get a not compatible error message. What am I doing wrong? The whole purpose of purchasing Publisher this morning was to be able to convert my InDesign CS6 documents into something usable so that I can get rid of InDesign and upgrade my MacBook Pro to Catalina. Please help!
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