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  1. For a 50€ Programme i can not expect super extras i would pay for a plugin which convers idml. But, despite of some unfiendly expectations, the question is also intetesing: when is this feature available?
  2. Thanks for the answer. A tooltip in publisher would help a lot.
  3. I would pay for an idml converter if it is a standalone app or a plugin. Sure Affinity will bundle this later as an argument.
  4. Thank you!!!! I guess i could not see the selection button because the path was not closed.
  5. Affinity series is quite professional. And has some sympathy. At the moment i miss only two things: the idml import and a good EPS import, like photoshop does.
  6. Sorry, but on Affinity photo i can not see a possibility to convert a path to a selection. Is there a hint?
  7. If indd or idml: This is almost the same. But this is wonderful news for the publisher and the company and the users!
  8. Thank you for this: Publisher will export these pictures (cutted of course, as in the PDF). So it gets nearer to a solution.
  9. Dear OzNate, thank you for sharing your thoughts. That is true what you argue. But one point is missing there: the >linking of the pictures<. Normally the pictures go from Folder to folder and disc to disc over the years. And where do you get the names of the pictures? Finding these pictures is easy with search, but this takes some work and time! Anyway, the way with PDF is great. AS CS 6 will be soon not more supported by Apple, so I am in a hurry. I also test Xpress2018, as it opens Idml (often quite good) and promises for 2019-edition to open all Indesign files. Lets see. I mostly use affinity Photo and Designer, as they work quite good. In one case I have to use Photoshop: On converting special PDFs and EPS Files. And still I could not find a replacement for these converting tasks. Best wishes Josef from Bavaria
  10. Affinity answered some months ago, on the question, if there will be a solution on this in facebook with: No. Will there be an attemt once to sella plugin for this?
  11. Is there a solution to open old EPS files or Xpress Eps files like it is possible in Photoshop - but without adobe programs? Affinity designer or photo cannot open them with paths etc or high quality.
  12. Thank you for the reminder to Batch convert. I look for ".indd" and converted all indd into idml. Great! My workaround (as CS6 will not more be supported by Apple in the next System updates) is now: affinity photo, affinity designer and xpress. Xpress 2018 opens idml with paths and the magazines and books with all chainings quite good. I guess affinity publisher is the same good as xpress ( i do not need this internet things in xpress), but not for me, as there are too many old, useable datas. But lets see.
  13. Yes, true. As Adobe won the battle against Quark in older times, now Affinity can succeed in this DTP battlefield. Affinity-Photo works good meanwhile and is working for all my DTP needs - except: 1. I miss the path for using old photoshop plugins and 2. the ability to open EPS files! These open only in good quality with photoshop. I would pay extra for a plugin which opens EPS files in good quality and for a plugin which opens idml-files.
  14. Yes, this is a good option. Unfortunately, the pictures do not have the path of the pictures. If it is a booklet, and not too old to find the pictures, it will be a good choice, because the transformation of text out of the PDF is quite good.
  15. I am new with Affinity Photo Mac and will use the photoshop plugins of CS6. But i cannot find the correct path to the plugins or see them. Not in the CS6 Folder or in the Library Folders. Is there any instruction? Thanks for some help! Josef