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  1. It is now an affinity image. That's still not a jpeg though. In develop mode, go to View->Assistent manager (or click the tuxedo icon in the top bar) and it'll tell you the raw output format. if I recall correctly, the default is RGB (16 bit). So that means that once you click that Develop button, it's a 16 bit image. Regular image formats are 8 Bit so you still have a tonload more information to work with than with your regular Olympus jpeg image. There is nothing wrong with just clicking the develop button and doing everything in Photo mode. Develop mode is destructive. you can't change it anymore. In Photo mode you can do (almost) everything non-destructively so I too do most of the stuff in Photo mode. Don't feel bad about it. you just HAVE to develop the RAW because you can't work with a RAW image in Photo mode. Bit of a shame really but it is what it is..
  2. crap.. So it's either my hardware, or my OS is botched..
  3. Hey, I made something.. and all of a sudden. POOF Affinity Photo gone. I restarted it and opened the file again. Moved the layer around a bit (with the move tool) and poof, gone again. Opened the eventlog, .NET Runtime error every time it crashed. Here's are the contents I've also added the .afphoto file that causes this. There's a layer in there called "MOVE ME WITH THE MOUSE". So, open it. select the move tool. drag it a bit and let go.. 2 seconds after I let go of the mouse, it crashes for me. Sometimes it hangs. If I remove all other layers then it stops crashing.. I'm not sure which of them causes this yet but It probably shouldn't crash at all anyway. I'm curious if I'm the only one with this issue and therefore should blame my PC.. Windows 10 Pro Intel Core i7-4770 3.40Ghz 16 GB RAM Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Samsung EVO 850 SSD andyhill420.afphoto
  4. Like Walt says but simpler: Just install and enter your key. A little extra info: there's no online activation or hardware code or something to worry about.. This isn't Microsoft or Adobe..
  5. download to a more meaningful place (like the downloads dir for example). Right click the installer -> run as administrator What happens then?
  6. I looked up a YouTube like @zayca said and I must say that I'm not impressed... I can do all that with the boolean actions. Sure, it might take a few clicks more but it's not some feature I can't live without.. Vector free transform and warping however..... But that's my opinion.. I've stolen enough of this thread for a personal question.. On with the actual topic!
  7. I've read this sooo many times now.. Will somebody please explain to me what a shape-builder is?
  8. Yeah that is how the Refine Selection works. Once you click it it actually already does some refining. In some cases it's enough to just refine selection and immediately press 'apply' without changing anything.I totally understand that it's annoying in this case.. You could make 2 selections perhaps. one with the sharp lines and one with the cloth or hair that you can refine. If it's incidental then that's a solution I guess but if you have to do this a lot, then it'll probably take up too much of your time.
  9. Dude.. That's how stuff is SUPPOSED to work. The software is not built to be working on 1 file with multiple users.
  10. Thanks for the compliment! The clipping thing is tough.. I'm trying to do that as much as possible but it doesn't always work.. Tracing along an edge is really terrible. I'm used to Pixel editing and then it's not as much of an issue but when you can zoom in to infinity then it's never perfect. Thank you for your PM! I like your idea on being able to adjust the angle! I'm definitely gonna try that approach next time. Combining the stripes makes stuff even easier with your idea. I ran into an issue with that in another drawing where I tried it in one piece but had to mask the foot out someway and you get to that edge-tracing hell.. but when you have a foot shape on top of it then that doesn't matter! So thanks! That's the kind of stuff I was hoping to learn! Thanks! Style? I'm just beginning.. I have no style But I like how it looks in your example. I know the functionality is there, I just never liked the results but in your example it looks nice. I should probably experiment a bit more with it. Maybe not using the same setting for everything would be a nice start 🙄
  11. Hi, so this is a bit of a beg for education.. I've been playing around with vector stuff and my love for it is growing but I'm in constant fight with myself on what the best approach for the layering is. Outline first? But what about those lines.. I add them manually on top of that outline object but I don't know if that's the best approach.. I've had to start all over again a few times just because I took the wrong approach and didn't know how to 'fix it'.. Are there some common guidelines to follow? I can follow a basic vector tutorial but they don't explain why something is done in a specific order... I'm sorry if the explanation of my 'issue' is not making sense.. I don't know how to explain it any better I've added some practice image that I traced. Maybe it's easier to just tell me what I can do better next time. (found it with google images, so maybe don't use it in your own stuff.. I don't know about the license. It's just for practice) I outlined it completely the first time but the yellow spikes on its head looked terrible when I did that.. T-Rex.afdesign
  12. I thought of that too but then why not drop a note to one of the moderators. "Yo, we don't have the time or energy to go into all the million questions and threats that are gonna come out of this, so you just tell'm abcdef.." I think most of us are civil enough to not shoot the messenger
  13. That is the biggest bull feces I ever heard.. An extra option in the Help menu will distract you? When was the last time you even checked that menu anyway? Agreed.. Do a search on OpenCL. the amount of problems with that make it feel like a beta feature. Too many different hardware combinations to test them all in beta so it's to be expected but it does cause a lot problems that should be reported if they're ever to be fixed.. And that's not in the beta. Yeah, it's called msinfo32.exe. I wouldn't want to just openly put that file online to be honest. Too much information that I consider private. Like shares, volume names, account names.. all that stuff. Have you checked the Mac one for that kind of stuff? I honestly don't know. Never seen the mac one.
  14. There should really be a simple menu option to provide the hardware info that's being requested so many times here on the forum to debug problems. A dialog with easy copy/pasteable text, giving the installed hardware and their driver versions and maybe other stuff the development team needs to fix bugs. It's a PITA to look that stuff up every time (drivers get updated constantly) and it should be a piece of cake to implement this somewhere in the menu (help seems the most logic place). The devs won't get half information anymore; saving time and energy by not having to ask for more info or explaining where to get it. The user doesn't have to go through his/her system trying to find all the requested information (and will therefore provide it more often). Reporting bugs wouldn't be such a pain anymore, for both sides. This should be nice for Designer and Publisher too of course
  15. Right click the layer and select "Rasterize". Then you can copy Edit: Wait.. copy should be available in the edit menu anyway. It just should ignore the selection if it's an image layer
  16. In my quest to understand how the wonderful world of color profiles works I took a testdrive with some rainbow gradient and am now trying to wrap my head around what's going wrong. Mind you, I have the display to produce those color spaces. The source is a 32bit adobe RGB file. and I made 2 exports of that. 8bit sRGB png 8bit AdobeRGB png I specifically picked those options and embedded the icc profile in the export dialog. If I open the sRGB version in my picture viewers (tried 2FastStone and IrfanView. Both with color Managent enabled ), it looks perfect. The AdobeRGB version however looks bland. As if watching it in a viewer that doesn't support ColorProfiles. If I open the pngs in Affinity Photo again, they both look fine again, but the AdobeRGB version gives a notice that it converted the Photo into sRGB So I figured maybe the icc profile isn't properly embedded and checked it with exiftool but it's just fine. then for the fun of it I opened both pictures in Firefox (also enabled color management in there) and they both look splendid again.. what the.....?!?!?!?! Really? a browser is better at showing a different color space than an actual image viewer?? (insert prefered YouHadOneJob meme in here). I don't get it anymore.. what am I doing wrong? And why won't Affinity Photo just open an image in the color profile it's in?
  17. Sorry but warping pixels is completely different than warping vectors. But, it's not rocket science. They know how to do it. DrawPlus is the predecessor of Affinity Designer (yes, by Serif) and it has a lot of features that are still missing in Designer (and vice versa). Among the features: Envelope, Roughen and Perspective tools
  18. Apples and oranges bud.... Compare the size of the development teams to begin with... It's also open source against closed source so thousands of unpayed volunteers fixing stuff from home. While these Affinity guy's like to feed their families for some reason and get payed for their work. Odd, I know.. Now I agree on the communication. There is none and that's just wrong. The roadmap however, they've mentioned that before. They got rid of that because of the extreme responses when some feature didn't make it into the new version while it was on the roadmap. No Man's Sky and Cyberpunk 2077 are examples of why you shouldn't release something that's not finished yet. That's not just for games. The same rule works for software. The fiery responses of the users apparently exist for both as well.... But.. the communication.. or the lack thereof.. *sigh*.....
  19. Hi James, Yes, I've seen enough of your videos to know you prefer to do as little as possible in the Develop persona :) I prefer non-destructive as well but I didn't mention any of it to keep all options open. The highlights in the jpg were indeed terrible but the raw was dark and flat. Brightening it gave it a washed out look and the colors were terrible overall. Worse than the JPG (with my experience) even with the saturation to the max (I'll admit, that was in the develop persona) I downloaded the afphoto file. Thank you for your time and effort! This is very educative! The result looks kinda like what I tried to achieve. The grass actually looks green instead of something close to white and the swan still looks like the black swan it was, instead of a dark black.... thing... with white spots and a beak. I am curious though.. I get all the changes, except the perspective layer at the top. Why did you change the perspective? Not out of criticism but purely out of curiosity..
  20. Hey, This is more of a technique question. Not a problem with Affinity Photo. So, I dove into the RAW pictures and I'm running into walls here. My phone can shoot RAW but also creates a JPG from that and somehow, I can't get the RAW to look decent. The jpeg that's autogenerated by my phone always looks better, and it's not even a really great camera. Now I'm not saying the JPG looks great.. It isn't. But it's better than what I can make of it for some reason. Can anyone learn/help/teach me to make something decent of this? I added the jpg and the raw.. I'm used to working with png and jpg for photomanipulation but working with raw is fairly new to me.. IMG_20210414_165109.dng
  21. Why on earth do you want to put that much PNG's in a PDF? It sounds like you simply want to store them and that is not what the PDF format is for.
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