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  1. Thanks, yes I was going to use the File - Place to add the other image(s) to the layers then use an inverted mask and paint over just the areas I wanted to show.
  2. So I would edit one image recording the adjustments as macros then open the New batch Job and put the macros in that I want to take effect on the other images ? Can I then either use New Focus Merge or New Stack on the images I have just created in the New Batch Job ? If I had other images I want to add as layers after is it just a case of going to File and Place and this will add them to my layers ?
  3. Hi, From what I've read I can't open a multiple raw files in the Develop Persona ? If I want to do the same edits on multiple images I can use the New Batch Job but it won't export them as RAW files it will have to be jpeg, png etc ? If I have ten RAW images for example of the same image with different focus or lighting I will have to use the New Batch Job for global edits but then can I open them as separate layers in the Photo Persona ? Can I then use New Stack or New Focus Merge using the layers in the Photo Persona ? Thanks.
  4. So what's the best way for me to be able to copy the above video in Affinity Photo ? Lets say I have X amount of images in RAW format some at different focus points and some under and over exposed, Do I first need to use File > New batch Job to get all my images processed to how I like them and then use File > New Stack to stack all these images ? This will then give me my stacked image in Affinity Photo as my Background (Pixel) Can I then add the other images in the layers panel, creating an inverted layer mask and use the brush tool to just paint where I want the parts of the images I have just bought in to show ? Hope that makes sense 😬
  5. Hi, Can I open multiple images as layers and then focus stack a selection of those, basically like this tutorial. But can I do it with RAW files or will they need to be jpeg's ?
  6. How do I get that type of triangle, mine don't look like that 😞
  7. Hi, When I process my image and crop it using the A3 preset crop size I then open a new document at A3 300dpi I then copy and paste my image on to the new document. I add a fill layer under the background image in white I then use the corner blue dot to resize the image giving me a white border around it but when I resize obviously it's not giving me an equal border I guess because of the aspect ratio, is there any way to get an equal width border top and sides ? I know it will slightly alter the aspect ration of the image but not too much to notice. Hope that makes sense 😬
  8. I have just started shooting in RAW only (Sony A7iii) so obviously when I open the image in AP in will open in the develop persona, now I would normally just click the develop tab so it would open in the photo persona and I would edit my image from here. Should I be doing the editing in the Develop Persona first ? What's the difference between editing in the develop persona compared to developing in the photo persona ? How far should I edit my image in the develop persona before doing the final if any editing in the photo persona ? Thanks.
  9. When I open the image it opens in the Develop Persona it says 6024 x 4024, 24.2MP, RGBA/32 (HDR) - RAW then when I click on Develop it opens it in the Photo Persona and says 6024 x 4024, 24.24MP, RGBA/16 - sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Pressing ctrl, alt & i it says 6024 x 4024, Units - Pixels, DPI 350, Resample Bicubic with a tick in the resample box. Resample and type means nothing me 😬
  10. This is what I would normally use the camera in, 6000 x 4000 (24.0 MP, 3:2)
  11. Hi, I shoot with an Sony A7iii and edit in Affinity, if I want to print an image on A3 for example is it best to open a new document at A3 size and then paste my image onto that and then do my editing or just open the image in Affinity and use the crop tool to A3 dimensions 😕 or am I overthinking it 🤔
  12. Hooray, managed to add one to my image 😂
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