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  1. Hi, I'm not even sure if that's what its called but how would I merge two images together for example I have landscape night shot but I have tracked the stars so I would like to add the tracked and stacked image of the sky to the foreground, hope that makes sense 😐 Any tutorials about ? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Does anyone do astrophotography ? I do a lot with a telescope, deep sky objects but not wide field including the landscape. I would like to know if there are any tutorials on processing stacked images of the sky and then combining them with the foreground. Thanks.
  3. Hi, When I open a Sony uncompressed file from my A73 it is opening it as 24.24mp but the file is actually 47.1mb ?
  4. I don't know why when I stack it using the 'New Stack' it's putting mercury all over the place and not in a straight'ish line ? I'm using 'minimum' in the Live Stack Group, tried all the others but no better. It's obviously not stacking it correctly as the sun isn't even round either.
  5. Hi, I took some of images of the mercury transit and I would like to make one image showing mercury crossing the sun. I have 22 images, each one showing mercury in a different position how do I stack them so I have one image of the sun but with multiple images of mercury crossing the sun. I tried the New Stack but that didn't work. I want to do something like in the attachment.
  6. Hi, How would I go about processing wide field astro images if I was using my tracking mount to get multiple images of an object in the sky but I also wanted some of the foreground in the shot ? Would I do my normal tracked set of images for the sky stuff, a single image of the foreground and then combine the images ? Are there any tutorials on this ? It's something I've wanted to do for ages but don't know where to start. I do plenty of deep sky imaging but never tried wide field with the foreground in the shot. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I use Affinity for my final editing for my astro images. How do I remove this annoying bright white ring around the outside of the moon ? FYI this is a stack of 11 images, but I use other software to stack.
  8. Hi, Is there anyway or an easy to way to combine a red, green and blue image to give me a colour image ? I have a image of the moon I took using a red, green and blue filter but need to combine them. Thanks.
  9. All your adjustments (hsl, levels etc) are below the background layer, mine are above or below my luminosity layer ? This is where I am getting confused :-(
  10. This is what I got. Exported as a Jpeg and here is some colour showing now. It's layers that confuse me a little as never really worked with them.
  11. So I have got to here but not sure if Unsharp mask should be in both layers ? I added Unsharp mask and adjusted to my liking before duplicating the layer which seems to have added it to the new layer ? Also when I add levels it's putting it under the luminosity layer, think it should below the 'Background' layer but can't seem to put it there ? So when adjusting the levels it has no effect on the image ?
  12. Thank you ! Do I need the padlock symbol on/off/selected when adjusting a layer ? Not sure what the padlock symbol mean tbh.
  13. Hi, I do a lot of Lunar and deep space imaging but struggling with the processing in Affinity as most people use PS. I could do with some help with final lunar processing. I currently use a ZWO224MC colour camera to get my images (.avi file) of the moon before stacking them in AutoStakkert and processing them in Registax. I am then looking to do the final processing in Affinity to bring out some of the colours. I have a guide on how to do it PS but not sure how to it in Affinity. The workflow in PS goes like this, 1. Filter, Sharpen, Smart Sharpen. 2. Layer, Duplicate Layer. 3. Re-name new layer 'Luminosity' 4. Keep the newly created layer selected and from the drop down change 'Normal' to 'Luminosity' 5. Once that layer has been changed click back on the original layer to select it 6. Image, Auto Colour. 7. Image, Adjustments, Hue/Saturation. 8. Adjust Saturation 9. Repeat the increase in saturation until the colour is revealed. 10. Layer, Flatten Image. 11. Save file.
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