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    I just left Adobe InDesign because I was convinced that Affinity Publisher was a program with just as many great features at a much more manageable price. I am a retired clergyman, a published author who has published a number of articles and essays and am working on my third book. Imagine my consternation when, just a few minutes ago, I discovered that Affinity has not figured out how to include them. In reading on Google there are all kinds of promises that it is on the way and excuses that managing the size in a way that allows it to expand with the size is creating an insurmountable hurdle. InDesign, PageMaker before it, Coral Draw, Microsoft Publisher, etc., all of which I have used at one time or another, have all got it figured out. If you wish to be a useable resource for writers then this needs to be available ASAP. I could migrate back to Adobe, but am loathe to. They are only interested in large corporate accounts - which I am not, and which I imagine the lion's share of your customer base and your anticipated customer base are not. Please (now I am begging), add this feature soon!
  2. I also need to import all of my InDesign documents. I purchased Affinity Publisher because as a retired pastor I could no longer afford the subscription to Adobe. I purchased Affinity Publisher because you said that you could import ".indd" files. When it failed to do so, I went to this forum and read that it would import files saved as ".idml" files. Again, didn't work. So, having cancelled my Adobe subscription, I am now in-betwixt and between. Can you please help me!

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