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  1. When I finish work I will try to send screens. But now, I dont want do it, cause I need after return to older version to put again back the hyphenation dictionaries and some settings. I know it takes not much time. I just dont want have messed the project in case if something more occurs. I am slow on it, cause I do it as my project (just personal use not having it as profession) in free time. If I get to desktop. And now, I get to it very rarely =( ) And sorry for late response. I am awful at checking forums.
  2. Thanks for new version, but in my document started in version 1.7.3 it made mess with text spacing, when opened in new 1.8 version, like made or moved some paragraphs to next page. No matter if it was not whole paragraphs some where cut in half and with another under it moved to next page, like if somone put there a page break or line break, but it was no mark for it, thus I have ON option to show special characters, and bec it is book with more like 40 chapters, I cant just start it again, so I will finish it in old version, and then new projects start on new version. The downgrade works, and paragraphs setting was same in both versions for text style, but behavior was total weird. I hope it wont be like this, when I start project in new version.
  3. Footnotes! Footnotes! Footnotes! Please please, pretty please. And soon. I was too unpleasantly suprised. =(
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