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    Friends, Music, Stamp Collection, Family, Coding, Illustration, UI/UX, Javascript, Web, Photoshop, Malayalam Movies, Memories, Creativity, Love
  1. Jaison Justus

    Playing around with lines

    Hola Amigo, Played with Affinity Designer today too. Trying to get familiar (i am not that good at illustrator too). Today I made a small poster called "Neo Japan" :P :) Feel free to share your suggestions.
  2. Jaison Justus

    Affinity illustrations and experiments

    Cool Illustration. Really loved the texture of the first one.
  3. Jaison Justus

    First Date with Affinity Designer

    Thank You, Leigh & MEB. Happy to be a part of the forum. Leigh, your wait is over :). Done one more design today in Affinity. Last one in this collection. https://www.behance.net/gallery/13664949/Notas-de-Viaje MEB, The low poly drawing is an experiment got inspired from a work shared in Abduzzedo. Start to learn low poly but ended with more than 600 polygons. But it was fun. If you want to try, do a low poly of a macaw. it will be colourful and stunning.
  4. Jaison Justus

    First Date with Affinity Designer

    Hello Everyone, Nice to see an active forum. I really love the work posted by the artist, nice designs. Yesterday I bought Affinity Designer. It's a cool software. First impression, I like it. Peaceful and neat UI. Good job. I really to see more tutorials and modular documentation for using the tool. Currently, you have good tutorials. But like to see Serif initiative to give design tutorial from scratch that give more confident to the new users I think. It's just a suggestion. One more thing, I made something in Affinity and like to share with you. Welcome to the Machine poster based on Pink Floyd song https://www.behance.net/gallery/26923669/Welcome-to-the-Machine-Revisited Project Facemash, It's my personal project https://www.behance.net/gallery/26906337/Facemash-Part-3 Please feel free to share your valuable suggestions and Say Hai to me. :)