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  1. Hi Gabe, Thank you very much for your quick response and thanks also to Jon P who sent me the PM. The file you sent back now opens quickly. Working on the file run with much less latency and I have been able to: Save As; Save; update and replace Resources; and work on both existing and new pages with no problem. Your fix will save me a lot of rework and I'm extremely thankful for your assistance! This was very weird. Please let me know if you think that some action on my part may have corrupted the file in the first place so that I can avoid repeating it in the future.
  2. Hi Gabe, Thank you for the quick response. I have sent the V.6 document. The fonts are on default macOS. However, before I send all the resources please note that the Afphoto files are in a folder structure (for ease of file management) and that Dropbox will not accept folders. In addition, the total size of all files is over 100 GB. I can obviously go through all the folders in sequence and send the files. Two questions: 1) Will this be satisfactory?; 2) If "yes" then does Dropbox have a limit on either the number of files or the total size of all the files that can
  3. My apologies if this is very longwinded but I have tried to adhere to your Bug Report instructions. Anyway, I really need some help, please. In addition, any guidance as to whether this could be file corruption or alternately hardware related would be very much appreciated. Background: I have been working very satisfactorily for several months on a large photo journal (file V.6 = 875.4 MB) in Publisher but a few days ago Publisher crashed when I was adding text to a flowing text box. I reopened the file from the Crash Report dialog box and it seemed to take an excessiv
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