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  1. Again: probably you will visualize my attachments "too enlarged" to notice the blur, so that I attach below another screenshot where you can see the issue after two mergings.
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. I have just checked and I confirm that what you say (X and Y coordinates switch to non-integer values after pasting or after moving the portion). In particular, It happens when I move my portion using the arrows. In fact, if I delete the decimals, the blur desappears and I can merge below without see any blur. So I made the adjustment that you suggested (see in attachment) but it doesn't solve the issue. I also restarted the application, but nothing change. As you can see in my attachment, I made a simple operation: I copied a rectangular from the background, I pasted it, and I merged below. The image is blurred (and the blur would be even more intense if I had merged another layer, as I often do). Note: this increasing does not take place with the command "Merge Visible" (alt + shift +cmd+ E). Do you have other suggestions? Also, is it possible to define the offset value of the arrows? Do you think it could help? Thank you!
  3. Hi, I am using Affinity Photo and I am quite pleased. However I have an issue when I paste portions of an image from a file to another, and it get worst when I flatten the layers (I localize screenshots from a software' GUI in my language, for tech.manuals etc.) . Sometime the portion that I paste blurs immediatly, and the blur increases more and more everytime I use the cmd+E shortcut (or "Merge Down" command in the menu). Here my workflow : 1. Open the .tif file that I have to translate 2. Copy portions from various screenshots (.png files) 3. Paste them in the original .tif file (creating new layers) 4. Move these portions here and there where needed 5. Flatten some layers where needed, or flatten them all. Sometime the blur takes place immediatly after I paste, sometime it happens when I move the content of the layer, sometime it happens when I merge one or more layers. Is there something I can set? (Same problem if the source file is same format of the target file). Thank you
  4. Thanks for this answer, this is what I was looking for like the user that posted this topic. I hope you were referring to the Prospective Filter (Layer menu-->New Live Filter Layer) or please let me know if there is another Perspective Tool somewhere in Affinity Photo. Like the user @PaulCarp, I am moving from Photoshop to AffinityPhoto, and I used a lot Photoshop's "Free Transform" tool in the past, e.g. to adjust the wrong prospective of my pictures taken with the smartphone or for placing my graphics on the faces of a box. I think the Perspective Filter is my solution and I think it is what the user meant.
  5. Hi, I am new on this forum and I am testing the demos of Affinity Design/Photo. I am very enthusiast about them! I use Adobe's apps from many years but I am pretty disappointed that they gotten so heavy and cumbersome. I use them for creating clothes graphics and I look forward to move to Affinity definitely. However, I support @PAULRFONTENOT 's request. He refers to a function that I use a lot as well. In Illustrator it is called "Offset Path" (maybe it was "Insect Path" in the old Macromedia Freehand). - Forgive me if it is not allowed to to quote other apps, if so, the moderator can delete-. It's not a simply resizing function, it is used to create a parallel path starting from a shape. I know, I can skip the problem using "Expand Stroke" or by duplicating portions of spline, but it would be tricky and not accurate. The tool we are talking about contracts/expands a shape and you can define the amount in a pop-up window. This task is quite easy for regular shapes, but it is not for complex shapes. I attach an example (see dashed lines) . I wish you will add this function in the future. Many congrats to the developers, I was waiting for a vector application so fast and easy! Federica
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