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  1. Thank you Mr. Rostron, finally an intelligent and useful response. In FastStonesimageviewer, I can right click on the image and brings up a menu. The second to the last item is Delete in red letters. When I click on that, the image is immediately out of FastStonesimageviewer and goes straight to the Recycle Bin. The same with Windows Photo Editor 10. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Tony
  2. I also have FastStonesimageviewer and Windows Photo Editor 10, both of which allow for the deletion of a photograph. Perhaps it will be worth the while to work on the problem. It may be time well spent for you, instead of making smart ass remarks. Thanks very much for screwing another customer. Unfortunately, I will not be the last. Cheers mate.
  3. A Photo Editing Software Program that does not have the capability of deleting a photograph. That is unbelievable. Of all the high praises written about Affinity Photo, it never mentioned that fact. Of all the Photo Editing Programs I have worked with, this is the only one that will not allow the deletion of an image. Well, we all make mistakes. When I first opened the file, I clicked on New, not Open and went from there. What about my not being able to rotate an edited Affinity Photo file back into Photo Editor 10? Photo Editor 10 is the only program I am able to upload from to the many photography sites that I subscribe to. Thanks very much for your assistance. Tony
  4. Greetings Lee D, Thanks so much for responding. I have Windows 10 and (unfortunately) it came with Windows Photo Editor 10. I opened up a file in Affinity Photo, did some editing and somehow it got messed up. I wanted to delete the image out of Affinity Photo and open up a copy of the same image from Photo Editor 10. Also, if I may, for some reason, I am now unable to rotate an edited image from Affinity Photo and into Photo Editor 10. It does work, however only inconsistently. Thnx again, Tonytee
  5. Dear Sir/Madam, I am unable to locate a way to delete a photograph in Affinity Photo. Many thanks, Anthony J Tarquinio
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