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  1. +1. I need this feature too~ It's abit annoying to set the values for every selection I make
  2. Hi I sent wrong payment to affinityorders@serif.com in PayPal and I contacted Affinity team in Facebook and they said they are not able to refund because the ONLY PayPal email Affinity has is paypalorders@serif.com. The strange thing is, I paid my Affinity Photo MacOS via affinityorders@serif.com PayPal account last year in 2019. I also tried to cancel payment in PayPal but PayPal said it's a completed payment and not able to cancel the payment unless the account owner refunds it. Please help! p/s: The reason we ended up using paypal payment because credit card payment did not work in Af
  3. Hi I'm an indie game developer who constantly create textures for my games. It'd be great if Affinity Photo can generate normal map or height map from my original image, similar to this, with lighting preview in realtime.
  4. Thanks @firstdefence @A_B_C, I managed to replicate the same result in Affinity using ur guidance, although there are few extra steps compared to photoshop. Thanks again
  5. @PÅ¡enda, cud u recommend other way to achieve the same result? I tried google but there isn't much for Affinity Photo for this case
  6. Hi I'm trying to equalize texture replicating the steps from this video for Photoshop in Affinity Photo. The result I got from Affinity Photo is abit blur and the color abit washed out, in comparison to Photoshop. Did I missed out something? Or it should be different step for Affinity Photo? The steps I did for Affinity Photo: 1. Duplicate the image to 2 more copies like from this video. (Total 3 layers at this point) 2. Then use Filters -> Blur -> Average on 2nd layer. 3. Then adjust blend mode to Linear Light for 1st layer. 4. Then use Filters -> Sharpe
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