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  1. Thanks. Actually there's no way to get the number 1.1 and in the next one 2.1 -> but great if it gets fixed. I couldn't do that, but in your attached File it's correct. But no worries, if it gets improved I can wait.
  2. @Dave Harris Thanks for your support, that sounds logical. I tried all of your tipps and that solved the subtitles but not the rest. Now I still got this behavior: The main title is on the top of the Layers, but the subtitles are still with the wrong first number (as they're above the main titles) -> for example: 1.2 but it should be 2.2. If you go to page 4 and 5 in the document above, the numbers are still wrong (on the left side should be 4 and on the right 5). There I can't change anything by Layers and if I add a page I can't arrange that in a different way.
  3. Unfortunately, the text is not even linked. Regarding the subtitle, they should have the number of the title first, a period and then the second number. In the supplement now the document with both problems Testfile.afpub
  4. ahnungsloser

    Text Variables

    +1 for this feature!
  5. ahnungsloser

    Indent to here

    Would be great if this feature would come soon. One of the main-feature that I'm missing
  6. Actually I try to rebuild a Document from InDesign in Affinity Publisher. But I got some problems to make automatic numbering in Affinity Publisher to work. wrong Numeration The higher Number should be on the right page, not on the left one. No Idea how I could that get to work the right way -> bug? Subtitles I could insert subtitles, but I have no idea how to get the main-number (level 1) to get in front. In InDesign it's possible to define the numeration and I tried to insert the same name in "Name:". But I didn't find any way to bring that to work! Thanks for support with this great piece of software!