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  1. Hmm no.. they're all 600 DPI in my case. But, now that I'm trying it again the problem doesn't happen anymore. I'll keep an eye out but I'm reaching the deadline so I don't have a lot of time to play around with it. These imported plans are also bogging down my Designer to unbearable levels so it's not something I enjoy debugging at the moment.
  2. Affinity Designer version: OS: Windows 10 Reproducible: Yes, but not with a new document. Steps: Select artboard(s) to copy, select other document tab, paste artboard(s) Video attached shows the issue, I copy and paste a number of artboards to a different document, and the strokes of objects (thousands I'd guess) changed. I checked whether it had something to do with the current stroke width in the second document, but setting it to 0 produces the same effect. However, while pasting these artboards to a new document produces the same effect, the stroke widths end up different. When I paste the artboards to a new document, the widths increased from 0.5pt to 1pt, in the video below they are 4.2pt. Though that also seems to vary depending on the object. Affinity Designer 2019-09-17 16-51-00.mp4
  3. I'm experiencing the same issue with architectural drawings imported from a PDF. I'm not sure which application they originate from, but I could figure this out if it matters. Anyway, I was writing this off as due to the complexity of the files, but, after seeing this thread, I'm again hopeful that something fundamental is off that could lead to big improvements when fixed. Let me know if providing a file experiencing this issue would help!
  4. kenfoo

    Text Style/Flow Issue

    A workaround that works for me is to select the text frame itself and then click "Reset Formatting", instead of using the text tool to enter the text frame as I did in the video. However, this is pretty cumbersome as I have to then go through the rest of the linked text frames as the problem "travels" through the text.
  5. kenfoo

    Text Style/Flow Issue

    I think I'm running into the same issue (on Windows). One attached video shows the issue, styles are applied to a bit of text for no apparent reason, if I reset the formatting, then the reflow causes styles to be applied to different text. The other video shows how it is "solved" by not using columns in that particular text frame. I'm a bit stumped right now, as I can't seem to work around it no matter what I try. Affinity_Publisher_2019-09-05_22-51-56.mp4 Affinity_Publisher_2019-09-05_23-00-05.mp4

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