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  1. Thanks Jeff, I have 'plans' to try and convince them otherwise
  2. First off, I just LOVE Affinity and truly appreciate the affordable price and ongoing free updates. How good are you guys !! Ive been a Linux user for many years now and really hate to have to reboot into Windows just so I can use Affinity Photo. I see that some people have managed to shoehorn Affinity Photo into Linux doing various contortion tricks. This demonstrates that it can be done, but just isn't easily accessible to many users. Ie: Me Linux is far more main stream today, its a pity that Affinity products are not ported to be run in this environment. Is there a way to distribute a flatpack version that has all the support files that would enable Affinity to be run on Linux? Is this the bit where I have to get on two knees and beg ? Com'on fellas !
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