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  1. Hello ! I am using a lot Affinity softwares since more than a month when i discover it really properly, and i have to admit, both softwares and definitly insane and so ... great and amazing to work with, i dont want to come back on the Adobe package anymore. But at some point, i was wondering, if some new tools and utilities were about to arrive some day on Affinity Designer (more specificly maybe), like : A Blend Tool, just like the AI one, maybe more intelligent, accepting width transition etc... And a Width Modulation Tool, by hand, just like the one for Vectors Lines on CLIP STUDIO PAINT, changing a lot the way you work your designs by hand and give a better natural result etc... Thanks ! Juzo
  2. Hello ! I'm currently new on Affinity, and I have to admit, I can't stop using it now ... I'm principally a Black and white artist and since I start I never really focus myself on brushes creations but now I am, and I had a simple question : Is it possible to set a control of the brush spacing by Pen pressure ? And or, control sizes of dots/elements (for images brushes) still with the Pen pressure of our device ? Thanks you, and have a great day !