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  1. Oh — just noticed that perhaps you were talking about Roy's file and not mine. K
  2. Good to know—thanks, Sean! Can you let me know which embedded file it was? I thought I was using all cmyk, so I''m surprised.
  3. Hi Hangman, I'm attaching v6 which wasn't crashing. (It's a large file, 59 MB. Last time I had a question they sent me a link to a dropbox folder.) Thanks, K TIcket-to-Ride_CoHousing_Proof-6.afdesign
  4. Is that 13 MB max file size? or 2000MB? well, attaching my file here to see if it works. K TIcket-to-Ride_CoHousing_Proof-8.afdesign
  5. I have a 65 MB Designer file that has started crashing. I was scaling several buttons (created with one of the gold effects). It was made into a symbol, but I couldn't seem to change the symbol and have it affect all buttons across my file. So, I was scaling each button individually with the Transform tool. Upon scaling the 15th button or so, Designer crashed. Subsequently, starting over, it crashed again even sooner. After crashing several times and haveing to redo everything each time, I made just one change, then saved and it crashed. How can I get my file to save, and not crash? Since it's a large file, I'd need to upload via Dropbox to have it checked. Thanks for any help! Karen
  6. HI Thomaso -- Now I know what my issue was with justifying; I cannot figure out how to adjust the text box (maybe I'm using the wrong text tool). When I expand my box, it stretches the width of my text too. Oh , well, I figured it out. It worked when I used the text tool that's i a box (the frame tool). I was trying to do it with the artistic text tool. still learning.
  7. Okay. I did a lot of fiddling, and many crashes. But I'll do a more systematic test in separate file with different fonts. (Maybe the font had something to do with it). I tried justifying the text with single and double digits, but it didn't work either. Maybe I had tabs still rather than just a space between numeral. I'll try again. Thanks!
  8. Thankyou all for your responses. Ah yes, of course, about kerning pairs and tabs set to a grid increment. I did try to set my tab align to center point, but then AF crashed. I may end up breaking the text blocks into two groups, 0-9 and 10-20 to see if that works better.
  9. Can I kern between a tab and a character? Or only character/character? I have a string of numbers I want evenly spaced over [oh, maybe I should just try justifying the text and not use tabs] my flower icons. I used a tab stop of about 36 pt to repeat, but some of the numbers still don't fit just right. I thought I could then go in between the tab and a number character and adjust the kern pair, but that doesn't seem to make a change. What's going on? My af file is too large to add here, so I'll add to dropbox shared with me earlier today on another topic. File name "Kerning with Tabs" Karen Kerning with Tabs not working
  10. My file has a bunch of paths of rectangles. I cannot seem to select a path or a group of rectangles along the path now. Is part of the problem that I have grouped ALL my black rectangles — I want to be able to grab the lowest, left-most BLACK path and change the arc upwards, away from the flower border. I set this up weeks ago as a rectangle symbol pasted as text. I was able to use the text tool and highlight the path, or click-drag along the path-line to change the arc. But now I cannot seem to do that, nor select the path at all. What am I doing wrong? Also, if there's a tutorial on managing layers and groups — could I be doing it better? Thank you! I'm loving aspects of Designer, but being new to an app. IS SO uncomfortable. There are moments though when I'm just WOWED at the potential once I can navigate with more familiarity. Karen GAME-with-TEXT-PATHS_P-4.afdesign
  11. I figured out what went wrong. Rather than copying a rectangle parallel to the paste board, I copied a skewed rectangle. Here's my corrected path, and I'm able to track the "text" to adjust space between rectangles. Thanks again Carl! Karen
  12. Hmmm, My alignment looked different than yours, Carl. Yours is exactly what I am after. The top two paths are my rectangles copied and pasted as text along a path. But how do I control their alignment/orientation? I poked around in the Typography tool and the stroke tool, but couldn't figure it out. It must be in alignment (but baseline shifting didn't work)... Karen
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