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  1. Great service, thanks (should sell it to Affinity!). Cheers Geoff
  2. Wow, thanks, that's cool! I swapped the file and opened a different .RWL file and it opened with the DL7 selected in lenses automatically! I deselected and got massive barrelling! It works like a charm, thank you! 🙏
  3. Hello again David, Thanks very much for that. I dropped your .xml into the Lens Profiles folder, opened Photo and lo and behold, it was in the list! Selected and cured it straight away! It did zoom in a bit but after my kite effort yesterday it would have had no choice..... 🤣 I tried the other suggestion too, the Leica DLC LX100 and that was the same as yours - I must have missed that yesterday. Thanks again, I will be happy to use RAW now (although I am very impressed with the jpegs that it produces too). Here's a before and after crop......the barrelling doesn't look too bad but it really was viewing the full photo.
  4. Thank you David, it is indeed a Panasonic LX100, rebadged. I will look into that in the morning and revert. Cheers Geoff
  5. Hi, I have just bought a Leica D-Lux 7 and am over the moon with it. When shooting raw the photos are heavily barrelled when opened in Photos. The lens does not seem to be in the lens list. It's a DC Vario Summilux 1:1.7 - 2.8. I tried all the Leica presets but none look that good. I did it manually and ended up with a picture that looked like a kite 😀 Does anyone have any ideas about how to handle raw for this camera? Thanks for any help.
  6. You could try looking through your fonts too, some of them have some pretty cool arrows and simple graphics, for example Zapf Dingbats or a lot of the standard fonts. In Designer, convert to curves and then separate the curves, and you can probably get it just how you want.
  7. As the slow loading only happens with Safari, this may not have anything to do with it whatsoever.... but I feel compelled to mention it anyway. 😊 I have used Time Capsule (until the disc croaked) and after that Airports. Every couple of weeks my internet would slow to a crawl and I'd have to re-boot everything and that cured it for another couple of weeks. It was "normal" for a few years. My kids shouting "Dad, the internet's not working" was commonplace! Then Apple stopped support for Airport and I looked for an alternative. I read about Mesh systems and eventually bought a Deco M9 system (3 pods). That was nearly 2 years ago. The difference is astonishing. It is far quicker, far more stable and I've only re-booted a couple of time since I had it (and that was probably the ISP modem issues). I love all things Apple but I don't think their routers cut the mustard after what I've seen with mesh. Might be worth looking into.
  8. Following on from Kaffeepause's suggestion, I found this article (recent) which may or may not help, but all to do with DNS and Safari's use of "prefetching". https://www.webnots.com/fix-safari-slow-loading-pages-mac-os-x/ There's another browser I often use which is lightning fast and reduces tracking, Brave. That might help too.
  9. Yes, clearing the data means putting all passwords again (although they're probably all in Keychain?). And I am talking about Safari 14 which I only updated yesterday. Do you Etrecheck? It's free and may possibly help. Or just empty the caches, which I've just learned how to do! Go to preferences / advanced and click "show develop menu in menu bar" then close it. You may have to restart Safari but there will then be a Develop option in the top menu..... in that there's an "Empty Caches" option....
  10. Yes, it's an eye opener .... just checked Privacy Report and found Safari has prevented 84 trackers from profiling me. Biggest culprit is Google / Doubleclick.net!! I was even tracked twice by Facebook and I don't even have an account or visit their site!! Great add-on! But, that doesn't help your slow loading issues..... 😎
  11. This is NOT a tutorial but I found it a pretty useful little article on the Mac App Store: https://apps.apple.com/sg/story/id1482027247
  12. I'd agree with haakoo. I use Safari and I just clicked on your link in OP and it loaded in a second or two, all graphics included. Maybe go into Safari preferences / Privacy / manage website data / remove all. I think that's how you clear caches now 😀 Whether it does or not, it helps me when I find it slowing down. They just released a new version a day or so ago so you might want to update it.
  13. Thanks Alsina.... that works great! I'll start choosing fonts from the Character Panel instead of the context toolbar. Thank you again!
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