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  1. Hi Dan Not really..... I need to do it to postscript files, not bitmap. I did see that this "feature" has been discussed and laid out in the "roadmap" since..... 2014. On this forum. Hoping to implement in a future version doesn't really cut the mustard. I also notice lots of people ask for it on the feature requests (or whatever they're called). As mentioned, I was using this basic tool way back in the 1980's with Aldus Freehand and consider it to be a basic, but necessary function. A workaround is a pain in the rear compared to clicking a corner and dragging. But, thanks very much for the information - if there's one thing Serif cannot be faulted on, it's its support team!
  2. Hi Dan, Thanks for the reply - I don't have a design (because I can't seem to do it in AD!). Never mind, I think I found the answer (attached) - I'm looking for Envelope / Warp effects on objects and it doesn't look like this is available in AD. A bit surprising as I'm sure I used it when I last used a vector app a long time ago (Aldus Freehand!) Cheers.
  3. Hi Dan, thanks for replying. This particular object is a logo that started life as text and patterns and is now an "object" I suppose. The text has been converted to "curves" and when selecting the node tool all the nodes show up on each "letter" and the patterns. At the moment it's laid out in a straight horizontal line. What I want to do is bend it, as a group, into a curve. As a bit of background it's for pretty low-level stuff - making a Decal for Gran Turismo Sport in the livery creation section - I'd like it to fit around a curved wheel-arch Pretty basic but I'm stuck! I can skew it, re-size it, stretch it up or down (but not one end only, another subject!) ...... but I can't bend it.
  4. You're quite right.... I got mine direct from Affinity as it had a few freebies with it that didn't apply to it if buying from the App Store! As somebody has pointed out, if the OP signs in with the same account, it should be in "purchases" and if no longer on the Mac, should have a little download / cloud symbol next to it.... that should re-download it, shouldn't it?
  5. Have you tried going to your Downloads folder? There might still be the disc image from the original download in there
  6. Hello all...... I am new to AD and although I am reading / watching the tutorials and trying to solve my issues by searching the web, there are still some basics I can't grasp! First question (probably of many!) - how do I transform a logo to match a path? I can do it with text, but how do I do it with text already converted to curves (started life as an SVG file) or any other non-text item? What I'm trying to do is take a "text" logo (that is no longer text) and bend it to a curved shape. Sounds simple - but not for me!! Thanks for any help / tips.