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  1. If you use a Mac you can go to System Preferences / Keyboard / Shortcuts / App Shortcuts and make whatever shortcuts you want. If you use a PC I'm not sure
  2. Oh, I see what you mean! Even though iCloud Drive is chosen as the default save location, it doesn't seem to upload until you click save on the document sub-menu in the doc library..... I can't see any way to change that which is a bit odd.....! If I find anything I'll pass it on and in the meantime hopefully someone else might have an answer.
  3. May I ask why you paid for it twice if you will be the only user? It might be worth contacting Serif Support to see if they can help. On this page: https://store.serif.com/en-gb/help/ there are several email addresses that you can contact for purchasing / refund queries. As to the .dmg file I'm assuming it's the Mac version you downloaded, not the Windows (don't have on Windows so not sure how that downloads, installs etc.). I would go to the "downloads" folder in your MacBook, find the Affinity .dmg file and throw it in the trash. Then re-download and try again - it could have been a corrupted download.
  4. You can go into your iCloud account through your iPad, go to Manage Storage, click on Designer and choose the files you want to dump, swipe left (on mine, yours may be set up differently) and it will delete the file. This means you could select the project Files and dump them. If you go into the settings / preferences menu for Designer on the iPad, under "general" you can set the default save location to either "iCloud Drive" or "On My iPad"
  5. Was the text converted to curves before or during the export?
  6. Hi Lai1, I think it's Windows.... I have no idea why it is opening at 96 dpi if it was saved as 300 dpi. As far as I know, dpi is also pixels per inch, but I'm no expert. So, 1100 at 300 dpi would be 3.66 inches. At 96 dpi it would be 11.45 inches and that's where the size increase is coming from (plus you will notice lack of sharpness). I think you need to check windows printer defaults or print from a Mac.
  7. Thanks Walt, just found that out and we were typing at the same time.
  8. That's odd, not sure what preferences is supposed to change (assumed language!), but from this screenshot not much! Set to "Dansk" but pretty much all underlined as errors, and clearly still English. Still a newbie myself and finding my way around, slowly! . EDIT - Hang on, just noticed the "Language" selector, bottom right..... It was still set to English (even though preferences changed). I set it to "Dansk" and it seems to work:
  9. Hi Lai1, when you exported was the size in the export box 1100 x 1100 pixels too?
  10. Hi Memo! Isn't Danish supported by AP already? "Dansk" is an option in the Auto Correct preferences, or have I missed the point?
  11. Geoff777


    Thanks, same to you & yours!
  12. Geoff777

    Xmas silhouettes

    Thanks very much for these! They're great! Have uploaded some to the community section at https://www.gran-turismo.com/us/ where the car livery editors will be very happy! I have credited you and the Affinity forum, and hope you don't mind..... they're already getting "likes"!! Let me know if you want me to delete. Cheers.
  13. I'd pay for an Affinity DAM too! I think a lot of people would. Wish Apple would have sold them the rights to Aperture - would have solved a lot of issues! I don't use iCloud for photos either - bought a Synology server and have set up my own "personal" cloud which the rest of the family can use too. It works well and there's no monthly fee.
  14. I don't use Photos.... as an ex-Aperture user I never, ever got along with it. It's why I'm using AP and, for renaming, Graphic Converter. Filing is, unfortunately, done manually for now (I'm a home-user, not a pro, but still have a lot to wade through!!). Hoping AP comes up with a DAM one day.
  15. All the Affinity Apps work with Catalina... I'm using Catalina and Designer, Photo and Publisher have been trouble-free, so far, touch wood! Or did you mean iOS 13 on iPad?? I'm using Catalina on an iMac.

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