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  1. @Sean P It also fixed a ton of the inconviniences i’ve been experiencing with the app. So it’s an os issue. Thanks for the help.
  2. Sure, i’ll attach them. This brings some new realization into the bug. Regardless whether the iPad is flat on the table or not, the bug doesn’t happen when i only use the pen to switch tools. When i use my fingers to change tools, the first stroke bug happens. Huh, never knew you can screw this loose, but yeah, the nib seems pretty screwed in place. I’ll try this out. I haven’t turned off the iPad in since i got it.
  3. @DM1 I'm not sure what Factory Reset trying to reset... but the bug(s) still persist. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Even without the stabiliser the pencil tool just simply bugs out. No stabiliser; it doesn't show the stroke until on release. On release, It then calculates a random curve from origin to end. Rope stabiliser; it doesn't show the stroke until on release. On release, it just creates a straight line from origin to end. Window stabiliser, the trail stops on the first few nudge from origin. On release, it creates a vector point. I'm not even switching tools anymore, just tapping the pencil tool again triggers the bug (sometimes it doesn't, like 90% of the time idk) I think the thread should be bug on first strike since it's everywhere, maybe not just the tools, I haven't tested out... Maybe other inconveniences I'm experiencing in the app is also a bug and not just a normal thing as intended. I wish there's some kind of reset to defaults (maybe reinstalling would help no?) but I'm willing to help you guys out maybe until this is figured out? In the video I'm playing around with the bug on different stabiliser types on the pencil tool... 74A5BEE1-51A9-433C-8082-789E2ED5EBD3.mov
  5. Hi Sean, Thanks for confirming. To answer your questions: I am using the apple pencil... not sure if it's a 2 tho. It's the magnetic type pencil that attaches to the side of the device. *shrug* I don't have any other accessories besides the pencil. W: 834.0pt, H: 1194.0pt, 144DPI If there's anything notable; I disabled touch before and then left it to gesture only since sometimes it registers my pinky touching the screen but turned it back on recently I'm pretty sure I'm experiencing the bug before I turned it back on I toyed around with the pencil double tap options too, switched some tools around Took me a while to realize that double tap context changes depending on the tool you use(?) By then I've already changed a lot, I think, I wasn't sure what's default so I left things as is I set the pencil tool to "zoom to fit" as double tap action Other than that I can't remember anything else I changed After reviewing the bug, since I think I'm the only one experiencing it; It's a persistent replicable bug on pencil tool Replicated it on brush tool as well... the same replication steps First stroke after switching back, has to be on window stabiliser (25 window value, but still happens at any value) Replicated on node tool, it doesn't make the marquee square on the first stroke (regardless if pencil or finger) but will select something at least Replicated on move tool, the same experience as node tool (not in the video) Replicated on shape tool, it doesn't show the shape on the first stroke but will create a shape on release (not included in the video attached but it's replicable 90% of the time) See video below... I hope you can help figure this out since I think I opened a whole new can of worms. I think there's more, but that'll be for another thread I guess... F465681F-3607-4D38-A516-A02B4DA8BC14.mov
  6. Hello, Whenever i switch back to pencil tool, the first stroke will always bug out and will stop the stroke. It’s quite annoying since i have to undo every time else it’ll leave a single vector on my artboard. I think it has something to do with the window stabilizer option of pencil tool since the bug doesn’t exist on other types of stabilizers. I’ve attached a video of the replication steps. I use ipad pro 11”, affinity designer, i hope that helps regards, maco CA8EBD63-728E-4891-A373-A598AB7D26FA.mov
  7. I am Maco, some kind of cartoonist, video game artist, and app designer. I use flash mainly + illustrator as supporting app if i find anything too complex for flash. I’m seeing affinity designer a good vector art software contender to rival this 2 apps i use for hobby and work. I wish someday to retire those tools! Looking forward to contributing to this community more.
  8. Been messing around with the affinity designer for ipad app... and nothing motivates me more to art than geeking out of my favorite video game character: Shantae. The overall file is really messy as i just kept adding open shapes one after the other.
  9. I was looking for this shearing techniques! Thank you, thank you, thank you! MVP for finding it!
  10. I have an 11” and i could barely tap the trash can icon in the lower left corner during portrait mode... i have to look and aim, or tap multiple times. Kinda throws me off my groove.
  11. Hello Sean, I’ll take whatever you guys can make. Thanks for considering! I’ll workaround what we have for now... regards, Maco
  12. Hello, I love working with affinity designer on iPad... however, I'm having trouble exporting my file to SVG: All the layer blended shapes/groups are exported as raster images. Is there a way to retain the layer blending for svg files? It's mostly overlay and multiply. I've attached the exported file, hoping it will help figure what went wrong, or if what I'm trying to achieve is at all possible. Regards, Maco neck tie.svg
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