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  1. One of the major tool bars is stuck in the center of my MacBook Pro screen. I have tried resetting. I cannot drag it. The "Tools Rest" button is greyed out. Can anyone help! I can't work on pictures with this bar in the way. Screen shot attached. Joe
  2. Hi... Apple photo does retain the name of an image. It is found under the "i" icon (information). It also seems that Affinity looses the photo name when images are brought in from Adobe Bride. Also, Affinity does not retain where the file came from. When exporting to jpg the program has to be shown where to put the jpg image. I would be nice if the default was to put the processed image back where the original came from. Am I missing a preference setting on this? Thanks, Joe
  3. I ordered the new Affinity Photo Book and I'm very excited about it. I can't wait to receive it!

  4. I just processed family photo shoot completely with Affinity for iPad. Overall, I was very pleased. It took me a little while to get my workflow determined. One negative I found was that image names were not brought over into the app. I would like to see image names preserved as images are loaded into the app. Otherwise, very pleased.
  5. I too have my folder system and I don't want to move away from that system if at all possible. I have it organized by year, date and event.
  6. I have a VERY old MediaPro Windows platform in a closet somewhere. Don't think that will do me much good, but I'm going to revisit MediaPro.
  7. Thank you for the replies! I will investigate the links provided.
  8. Hi have just begun to use the Affinity Beta program. I am still finding my way around the app. I do hope to drop Photoshop eventually and use Affinity Photo! I hate the way Photoshop is charging for the use of the app. I am still using Photoshop 5. I refuse to pay their fees... I appreciate Affinity producing a product that can be purchased!
  9. What photo browser is recommended when using Affinity Photo? I have been using Adobe Browser along with Photoshop and the interface is clean and easy between the two Adobe produces. What browser will work best with Affinity Photo? Thanks, Joe
  10. Has Affinity at any point suggested a browser to go along w/ their new photo app? Joe
  11. Hi LillieG, Were you using media pro before starting to use Affinity? What was your photo app before Affinity? Was is Photoshop? Joe
  12. Hi, What are some of you using as your browser? Are you still using Adobe Bridge or are you switching to Apple Photo for your browser and photo manager, or are you using some other browser? Thanks, Joe (aka MacMac to 9 grandkids)
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