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  1. Thank you, Walt. Is there a reason for that? It would make things easier to have master page size reflect on pages. When I selected all pages and changes size on spread properties, it worked for all pages but the 2 pages on the last spread. Not sure why, but at least problem was solved.
  2. I am having the same problem. Page size in my document is custom and I need it 15mm longer. I changed the master adding 15mm in lenght and 15mm in inner margins to keep design aligned with outer margins. When I apply the Master to all pages, no page changes size, but margins do change. When I select the master in Layers I can see a "frame" of the master with the right size over the page on view, but the page is still the original size. How annoying that such things that used to be so simple with Page Plus now take ages to solve... Please help!
  3. Hello, I've just migrated from Page Plus to AP and one action I find annoying is selecting objects in a page after having used a tool. For instance, if I select the text frame tool and create a frame and afterwards I click on an image outside the frame - which I would do to select this image on Page Plus - I end up creating another text frame over this image. The "ESC" key will not cancel the use of the tool, I must manualy click on the "Node" tool to begin selecting. Lots of time wasted on a mundane task that I use every other minute while working. If that is just the way it is, it seems counterintuitive to me. I believe users who click on an image after having created a text frame are more often trying to select that object than trying to create a new frame over it, so I leave this suggestion for improvement. But for me it seems impossible no one has complained about it so far, so I must be doing something wrong. Please advice. Thank you
  4. Do I need to activate something to do this? I used to click anywhere and start a rectangular selection area in PP as long as no other tool was selected. Now nothing happens when I do this. Also, I used shift + click to select multiple object on the page or on the Layers list and this no longer works. I am wasting so much time learning such basic stuff that are different from PP and from most apps and not quite intuitive. I mean, shift+click or ctrl+click is pretty universal for selecting several items, why won't it work in AP? Please help.
  5. Just leaving my support for a cut out or crop to shape feature to be added to AP. Altough I was happy with PP, I bought AP because I tend to use a lot of past works as templates for new jobs so I prefer not dedicate my time creating a templates that can only be opened with a discontinued software that may not be working in 5 years. So far, AP is great even with these small setbacks. Thumbs up for Serif. Since I use the cutout feature often, I tried Affinity photo and I find there is a bit of a learning curve which I would rather not have to face. I would have paid a bit more to have the top 10 most used image editing features built into AP - cutout and a simpler way to apply basic styles (black and white, sepia, warmer, etc..) would be 2 of them. Maybe a AP Plus version could be an option for the future? just a suggestion for Serif.
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