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  1. Summary: Choosing to export a JPEG without selecting a JPEG Preset results in a file with no .JPG extension.
  2. Summary: The export function fails to export JPEGs at set sizes globally. - Chose File>Export - In the dropdown, choose Area: All Pages, JPEG, set a size eg 1200 x 800. - Select Export, choose a destination. Images are exported, only first page exported at correct size, others are full size.
  3. Summary: Working on a document, decide to change the page size, find it impossible to do globally. Must do it page by page. Approach: I expected to be able to change - Initially Document Setup for overall dimensions but not available. - Then the master page, then apply that to the existing pages, but it had no effect even when Apply Master was used. - Then selecting all pages and choosing Spread Setup and changing dimensions but only the initial selected page was changed. Result: had to do it page by page.
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