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  1. Thanks for follow-up. I could sware I tried that. Maybe the second time's the charm. :)
  2. I sure wish there was a manual. :( How's that coming? Love the application and so happy I don't have to do business with Adobe. I'd like to know how to select a color for the paint brush tool. I see the eye dropper icon, but am unable to get it to work in selecting it for either the background or foreground color. I'd like to use the paint brush to change white balance issues on a very selective basis. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  3. The execution of the launch is great. it really should catch Photoshop/Lightroom users attention for you appear to have the funding to break the monopoly. Wishing you success! PS: Please don't become an Adobe! :)
  4. I just purchased Affinity Photo, as I've enjoyed using and have benefited to a point, from the beta version(s). There is an issue, though, for those of us who do not have prior Photoshop background and that has to do with when Serif will provide a decent set of video tutorials (or otherwise) for the application? I appreciate Photoshop users can quickly pick up the jist of the features and tools, but what about newbies who've avoided Adobe products? I look forward to your feedback and congrats on the launch.
  5. Henchard

    Laptop Running Hot

    Hi, Matt, I am seeing some improvement after checking the "use only integrated GUI" in preferences. Thanks, this may have solved the problem. If not, I'll double back.
  6. Henchard

    Laptop Running Hot

    First off, let me say that I like the beta application and wish the development team success. I've got one problem, however. I'm running Affinity on a 15 in. MacBook Pro (core i7, 2.3 Ghz, 16 Gb memory). With anything more than basic adjustments in the app, the laptop temp. will hit 150F+ within a few minutes, particularly with any zooming in. Is anyone experiencing the same thing? Appreciate your feedback.