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  1. When i correct a picture in AP and change the size from 72 dpi to 300 dpi and change the dimensions, when i export the picture the changes revert to 72 dpi. I am saving before exporting
  2. how do you set unit defaults to inches?
  3. when i do "save as" i would like the option of selecting jpg, tif and etc. currently i must make changes in AP then save, then export.... extra steps
  4. that appears to have been the problem, thanks
  5. Open a picture and its says 25x54" and 72 dpi. I select inches, than resize to 5x8 and 300dpi for print. I export as a jpeg. When i place in QXP its still 72 dpi.
  6. Ive been have issues with resign pictures. The picture i receive are from many different photographers. My plan is to crop, color adjust, resize, and to set resolution to 300 dpi. Than exporting as a jpeg to my finish folder. I've spent an hour doing just that. Double checking in CS PS5 reveals nothing changed. whats going on?
  7. Just ordered the pro yesterday...pencil on back order. Anxious to see the new apps.
  8. opening a pdf i get a font missing. if i open this same document in PS or Preview fonts ok. distilling a document to pdf should include fonts used, why doesn't Affinity see the font? 2016-DERBY CITY PAGE 5 copy.pdf Untitled.tiff
  9. when i resize this graphic to 300 dpi, then export as a jpg. it revert back to 72 dpi when i open in Designer or PS. this happens with other graphics but not all the time. The graphic was taken with an iphone 5S
  10. Ok I'm just a poor graphic designer, up in years, who has used PS for color correction, resizing and setting up to print ready for a web press. Can anyone compare the Affinity settings to the ones in PS? That's all I need...... Don't care about x and y. Never much cared for algebra anyway
  11. Can someone explain Lanczos, and how it compares to bicubic, which I've been using for years?
  12. Would like to see the units and ruler option in Prefernces to set inches as default. When i open a picture and make correction then go to export it as jpeg at rgb, 300 dpi, size always shows pixels.
  13. any word if this plugin is coming to Photo?
  14. sorry for late response and the answer is no. I've posted again....
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