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  1. Thanks to both of you. It is now OK. Nice to know there are people out there so helpful! Cheers Smee45
  2. The inpainting brush has stopped working. There is no red 'mask' when I click and drag. Any one out there have any ideas? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello all! Just got Publisher to try out, InDesign user at the moment. What can I expect from Publisher when using Acrobat? Any interactivity at all? At first look the table options don't seem as well defined as InDesign although I appreciate I have to get to know it. Will there be options for overhanging punctuation? And finally, will I be able to create custom trims and folds? Thanks Smee45
  4. It's easy when you know how! Ta!
  5. Hi! Can you move an image into another by dragging (as in Photoshop) or is copy and paste the only way? Thanks in anticipation Smee45
  6. smee45

    Measuring boxes etc

  7. Hello all! Is there a way of putting precise measurements when inserting boxes or using the rectangular tool, i.e. 57mm x 75mm? Thanks in advance Smee45
  8. Have just bought Affinity Designer for my iMac. can I also use it on my ipad or do I have to purchase it separately? Thanks in advance. Smee45
  9. smee45

    Trouble with "recent files' and other stuff

    Great, thanks again!
  10. smee45

    Trouble with "recent files' and other stuff

    Thanks Gabe Have found the swatches, thanks but in my preferences there is no mention of 'recent items' under any of the menus. Smee45
  11. Just got Affinity Photo. After doing and saving a couple of jobs went to 'file>Recent file' . There is just a caption saying 'Clear file' so I can't access any of my jobs this way. Bit frustrating! also I am colouring some old photos using the 'recolour' method but find that going back to a colour I have used, it doesn't appear to be saved. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks for any help.