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  1. Wow! thanks to both of you for your speedy replies and for waking me up to the fact I can now work in all three programmes from one source - of course! Cheers Smee45
  2. Hi! From what I can see from past discussions Hyperlinks is not available in Designer. Very disappointing! Is there any chance this will be resolved? Thanks Smee45
  3. Hello! Can't find the above anywhere (hard returns, tabs etc). I saw a thread from 2018 about this, where it was in Publisher and hoped it would be in Designer updates. Can anyone enlighten me please as this comes in very useful. Thanks
  4. Have found the solution and pass it on for anyone else who wanted to know. Go to the layer panel and click the layer which contains the master you wish to revise. Right click, choose "edit detached" go to the page you want to edit, select item and delete or change colour etc. Press 'finish' and away you go! My thanks to Haakoo who replied just as I found out!! smee45
  5. Tried the suggested solution but didn't work. Am I correct in thinking that you have to make an additional master to erase page numbers on individual pages ? Seems a long-winded way to do what should be an easy operation
  6. Thomaso Thank you for getting back, I will try it and see what happens!
  7. In InDesign, to delete individual master page items (page numbers for example), from individual pages you select the item using CMD/Shift and delete. Can you do this in Publisher? Grateful for some advice
  8. Correct screengrab this time!!! Thanks but... Same problem!! I'm on a Mac if that makes a difference
  9. Hello again As regards the above, on the Publisher tut you are told to R/click on item and choose "clear Master". This is what appears when I R/click on the selection Cheers Smee45
  10. Hi! Have got Publisher and enjoying V much. I use a lot of form filling in InDesign at the moment but would like to do same in Publisher. Anybody with any advice as to how I go about this please? Thanks, in anticipation Smee45
  11. With 1.7 with us is there another way to colourise old pics instead of using 'recolour' as I do at the present. Thanks for any advice. Smee45
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