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  1. Hi Dan C, Thank you very much for your answer. Finally, I figured it out. I extracted my own ICC profile from a CMYK picture, then I opened the package contents of the 3 apps (Publisher, Design and Photo) and I copied my ICC profile in it. Now, my own CMYK profile appears in the "preferences/colors CMYK" menu of the 3 apps. I can work with the space color that I always used with Photoshop. In fact, it would be nice if we (Affinity apps users) could import our .csf files from Photoshop. Another thing, it would be helpful if we could open .indd files with Publisher and .ai files with Designer. Best regards.
  2. Bruno Arts

    ICC Profiles

    Hi thanks BofG and Mikerofoto, I figured it out.
  3. I don't find how I can use my own ICC profile with Affinity Photo. I try to import it, but it doesn't work. Could someone help me ?
  4. Hi Callum, thank you for your answer. I will think about it…
  5. Bruno Arts

    Publisher Trial

    Ditto, I would love to try this app too before buying it.
  6. Could I use my own converting curve from RGB to CMYK. I drew my own curve under Photoshop many years ago. My curve is much better than standard curves delivered with apps (Photoshop and son on). I would love to work with Affinity softwares but I want to use my curve. Can anyone tell me if I can embed it in the affinity apps ?

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