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  1. When editing frame text, the selection when changing fonts is extremely slow. The scrolling of fonts alone leads to waiting times of several minutes per scrolling process. The same applies to Designer and Publisher Surface Book 2, Core I7 W10 64b, 20H2 Affinity Photo Does anyone know a solution ? Regards
  2. I downloaded the file and tried it. In beta as well as in version the image can be opened and edited without any problems
  3. I do not read anything agressive with nico. This was just a statement Until now nobody said that Affinity is switching to a rental software system. But if that is so, I would react the same way as nico
  4. Sample File Glas "WiGa.pdf" ist atached The working steps are Explorer File "Glas WiGa.pdf" "Open with" " Affinity Photo" The Open window (see pdf01.png) is displayed OK opens and displays the pdf I select Layer (Bild) I selsect Tool Rectangle Mask and New, the i create the Rectangle Mask (see pdf02.png) Following "Copy" and "New from Clipboard" creates a new Tab "Unbenannt" in the same sice as Source-File (see pdf04.png) Following "Cut" and "New from Clipboard" creates a new Tab "Unbenannt" in the same sice as Source-File, the page is empty (see pdf03.png) Only if you export the pdf into an image file like png, tif or similar and then use it, the function works correct. Regards mia Taugts Glas WiGa.pdf
  5. If you open a pdf file in AP, cut or copy a section, the wrong canvas size is used in the function "New from Clipboard". Unlike tif files, the copied section is not created and pasted as a document, but the entire pdf page with all its contents is created as a new document. Only if you export the pdf into an image file like png, tif or similar and then use it, the function works correct. This is very irritating
  6. Yes, this preference ist selected. But Designer Scrolls to selctes Group, but not to Layer in Group
  7. Hello According to Help Guides Auto Scroll the layer entry for the selected object is automatically displayed in the Layers panel. This does not work for me under Affinity Designer, it does not scroll to the corresponding layer What's wrong? Thanks for helping
  8. I already have Affinity Photo and Designer. For the Publisher, unfortunately, I have missed the beta test phase and unfortunately can not find a trial version for the Publisher. Before I buy the Publisher, I would like to try out whether the Publisher can create picture presentations in pdf with embedded text and video similar to those in Indesign. Does anyone know where to download a trial version? Thanks
  9. I also export from Capture One 11.2 and edit in Affinity Photo Export Settings Capture One: -TIFF 16-bit -Uncompressed -Adobe RGB 1998 -300 px/in -Scale 100% I had never a problem
  10. I am a bad beta tester. For many version jumps everything works fine here
  11. I use Affinity (Beta) and Loading RAW files takes longer than jpg or tif files, but that's no problem for me because I use Capture One anyway for RAW development. Affinity is an excellent image editing software that I use very often, but in my view was not created for RAW development.
  12. The new version is available for free download in your Affinity account. I think, the free add-ons are only available when you buy a new license
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